Today is my birthday!  I’m a HUGE celebrator of birthdays.  You know why?  Because when I stop celebrating, I’m dead and I’m pretty sure that is going to suck so, while I’m here, I’m enjoying it!  This year is a banner one too because I’m turning 39.  How did this happen?  I still marvel at my age the way I do my kids’ passing years.  I’m equally stunned at my 39 and their 5.  Time passes far too quickly.


A lot of people talk about turning 39 as “the last good year.”  But not me.  I cannot wait to be 40 and here’s why:

1.  I’m planning on taking a celebratory vacation with any one of my friends who can come with me.  When my husband turned 40 we went to Vegas.  I want to go somewhere WARM with a beach and a lot of fruity drinks and flat roads to run on.  Key West is a major possibility.

2.  I will finally age up in races!  This year I’m still competing with the 30 year-olds which, sadly, is hard.  Once I turn 40 I will be at the low end of the age brackets so look out 49 year-olds, I’m coming for you.

Last year I wrote a post about the Trouble With Turning 38.  The trouble was that was how old my mom was when she was diagnosed with what turned out to be terminal cancer.  It threw me for a loop.  But, once I thought about what I should do to make that year special, I realized I was already doing so much of it.

My WHOLE family at Disney last year.  It was an amazing trip!

My WHOLE family at Disney last year. It was an amazing trip! Don’t the kids look like they’re having a magical day?

This year, for my birthday, what I really want to do is have one stress-free day.  For one day, I promise to:

– Not worry about my kids.  They will thrive and be happy even if they can’t write their names by the time they reach kindergarten.

–  Not worry about my mileage, pace or heart rate and just run in the sun with a smile

– Sleep in (this probably means until 7:00am but I’ll take it!)

– Reflect on all I have accomplished this past year and let go of whatever wasn’t done

– Don’t think, even once, about doing laundry

– Eat, drink, repeat

– Enjoy all the birthday wishes on Facebook – even the ones from the people who only wish me a happy birthday because it pops up on their feed.  I don’t discriminate.

As I write this, I know I’m a fraud.  There’s no possible way I will stick to this list (except the FB thing!) but you know what?

I worry about my kids because I love them.  They are my entire world and if there’s something I don’t mind worrying about – it’s them.

If Frozen has taught me anything, it's to Let Go!

If Frozen has taught me anything, it’s to Let Go!..although notice who is still holding on in this photo.

I love running with my Garmin watch and seeing my progress, or even that maybe I need to slow a little and cut the run short.  The forecast is for actual sun today so, I really don’t care what the watch says, my run is sure to pass quickly just because of the weather.

I wake-up early to get my blogging in and I love it.  Sitting in my kitchen with a hot cup of coffee, reading some of my favorite blogs, makes me happy – even at 5:30am.

I'm thinking warm thoughts of sitting outside with my coffee very soon!

I’m thinking warm thoughts of sitting outside with my coffee very soon!

Having laundry to do means I have people I love surrounding me.  One day, when my kids move out, I will probably miss doing their laundry.  Maybe.

I do know, without a doubt, I will eat and drink and be merry as I celebrate all.weekend.long.  Yep, I’m one of those people.

In lieu of gifts, do something nice for yourself today and pretend it’s your birthday too!

How do you feel about birthdays?  Do you celebrate and do something special?

What was your best birthday ever?