No I didn’t travel back in time and achieve my childhood dream of dancing on In Living Color but, I have achieved an adult dream and I’m happy to announce…


I’m officially part of the Oiselle Team Voleé!  *runs out of the room screaming with joy*


Ok, I’m back. Ahem.

So, what does this mean?  First things first – Oiselle is a women’s running clothing company and you pronounce ‘Oiselle’ like the last part of ‘Mademoiselle’ or, fanatically like WA-ZELL.  Roughly translated, Oiselle means “exotic bird,” (because I know that’s what you all think of when you think of me) and Voleé means’ flight’ or to ‘fly’ – are you detecting a theme here?  We are fast and mighty birds who take flight when we run.  I have to say, I’m a big fan of this metaphor!  You will see a lot of birds, wings and flight symbols on Oiselle clothing.

You may have noticed me wearing a ton of their stuff over the past year:


Starting bottom left: My zippy legs in Oiselle Roga shorts, with my girl Joi of Rx Fitness Lady, after a run in Portugal, clowning around with my kids, with my bestie at a race, at the track and with my boys!

Starting bottom left: My zippy legs in Oiselle Roga shorts, with my girl Joi of Rx Fitness Lady at FitBloggin’, after a run in Portugal, clowning around with my kids in my Flyte top, with my bestie at a race, at the track, and with my boys!                    I really love that hoodie 🙂

When I received the news that I was accepted into the program and would be officially running for Team Oiselle, I was making my kids dinner. Yes, it’s a glamorous life people.  I was so nervous that the boys would start yelling and carrying on because they didn’t have my total attention, but somehow I willed them with my eyes, to be quiet.  It could have been a very ugly call with me juggling “yes, uh-huh” in between hitting the mute button on my phone and yelling “PLEASE BE QUIET BOYS! MOMMY IS ON A VERY IMPORTANT CALL!” They must have known, or they were ravenous, because they didn’t make a sound.

What does this mean for me? I get to wear this awesome uniform (kit) that proudly displays my loyalty to Oiselle, at every race:


I’m teammates with 25 other run-loving women, and a tier way below Kara Goucher and Lauren Fleshmen:




What’s in it for you?  That’s a selfish thing to ask, especially when I’m sharing such great news with you, but of course you want to know!  Discounts baby!  Hopefully LOTS of discounts on Oiselle’s super amazing clothes, accessories and bathing suits.  You never know when you may have to sprint while you’re in a bating suit…it happened to me at the lake the other day.  I seriously had to try and chase down a women who did a nice hit-and-run job on my friends car…but anyway, back to YOU.  And, yes, we got her – in case you’re worried.

As soon as I have coupon codes to share, you will all be the first to know.  In the meantime, if you have any questions about Oiselle or their clothes, please ask!

I can honestly say that at 39, I never thought I would be a sponsored athlete.  I feel like I can fly…

Share any big news you have!

Had you ever heard of Oiselle?  How?

Have you ever had to wear a uniform of any kind? Favorite/least favorite part about it?