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The Rundown – Wanna Get Away?

For months now I have been talking to my husband about leaving. I'm not positive where I want to go or for how long, I just know that I wanna get away. Soon. I'm not talking about a vacation either but actually living with my family somewhere else (anywhere else!) for...

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The Rundown – Narrow Your Focus

"Narrow your focus to only what is happening inside this room." Statements like these from my yoga teacher are why I love and need my hour of inward reflection and narrowed focus once a week. It's so hard to do otherwise. Lately I have found myself trying to do a lot...

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Are These Common Race Prep Practices Worth It? #JustRun

If you have ever trained for a race of almost any distance, chances are you have been told or have read about common race preparations -- quit alcohol, carb load, train at the same time as the race -- and have wondered, it is worth it? Myself and two other experienced...

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The Rundown – Don’t Believe Everything You Think

Tim Ferris ended his podcast interview with Katie Couric by asking "if you could put one thing on a billboard for everyone to read, what would it be?" I can't remember Couric's response but, the reporter in her couldn't help but turn the question around to Ferris and...

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The Rundown – Hello Running My Old Friend

Suddenly I find it weird to be running so much. As I have most definitely transformed from runner to triathlete, and especially since I just trained for my longest triathlon yet, I find it odd to be focused back on what started my love affair with racing in the first...

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The Rundown – Putting the Pieces Back Together

Sadly, it's September and it's time to start putting the pieces back together. Since June I had not published one single article, was spotty at best when it came to blogging and trained for, but did not participate in, one final Half Ironman race. Sigh. Some call...

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Best Run Recovery Tips – Ideal vs Reality

Recovery is an interesting thing when it comes to training for any race goal. I have had my share of advice, have done a lot of experimenting and, ultimately have come to a system that makes my mind, body and coach happy. This was no easy task and has changed with my...

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