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The Rundown – Getting Schooled

It's been a beat since I wrote a rundown and in the time between I have been getting schooled! Not just by starting my first official class of my master's degree in clinical mental health counseling, but in so many other ways. Also, my hair is getting grey-er... WEEK...

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The Rundown – Pain + Suffering

There is a difference you know...or maybe you don't? I had a lightbulb moment myself when reading Lori Gottlieb's Maybe You Should Talk to Someone? When the author and therapist found herself on the opposite side of a professional's couch after a horrible break-up,...

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The Rundown – A Change Will Do You Good

Like most people, I claim to be change adverse but when changing involves scenery (as in going to Florida for the weekend), racing (as in signing up for a last minute 10k that a good friend is also racing), my hair and career path, I start to love change! Let's see...

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10 Thoughts About My 10 Mile Race

"I should be on a bike by now," is what I was thinking around mile 7 of the Middletown 10 Miler this past weekend. I've been primarily racing triathlon for so long now that I almost forgot what it's like to "just" run. Here's the good, bad and ugly over 10 miles in...

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The Rundown – Race, Taper, Repeat

Here we go again. It's time for the race taper but, before I got too lax, I did a 10 mile race yesterday. Yep, I raced 10 miles exactly one week before the Duathlon National Championship. Genius move or worst idea ever? Only time will tell. The one thing I know for...

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