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A Weekend Away and Getting Race Ready!

I have that hungover feeling you get when you're exhausted from the exertion of laughing, staying up too late, eating way too much and running by a gorgeous lake reflecting mountains and memories. I'm currently overwhelmed with gratitude for vacationing with my family...

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Hydration for Runners – What Not to Do

When I saw the theme for this week's RUN IT link up, I laughed out loud. If you know me at all then you know I'm a horrible hydrator. I've written about it, I've tried to get better, hell I even once had surgery because I think I'm chronically dehydrated. So instead...

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How to Get Your Training Mojo Back in 5 Easy Steps

I've been on the struggle bus over here for the past couple of weeks but am slowly working my way out of the funk. Like anything that is worth doing, it's a process. Since pretty much everyone can relate to not wanting to work out, or at least struggling with it, I...

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The Rundown – Allergic Reactions

  It came as no surprise to me that I battled horrible seasonal allergies when I was a kid. After all, the reason for them is your body overreacting to something that is harmless. I also experience this on airplanes. What surprised me was, much later in life I...

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The Rundown – Making Changes

Things are going to be different around here!...maybe, sort of? As much as I hate change, after the pressure I was feeling and the funk I have been in, my only option was to start making changes in my workouts, my work life and how I spend my free time. I'm not saying...

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Pressure Is A Privilege

I write this knowing the pressure I feel is a privilege. Billie Jean King tweeted those exact words to Serena Williams a while ago and it really struck a chord with me and, at the time, I didn't know it was the title of King's memoir. The pressure is a privilege. The...

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The Rundown – Searching for the Joy in My Journey

You know I don't sugar coat around here so I'm giving it to you straight - - the last two weeks have been a struggle and I find myself searching for the joy in my journey. I'm not talking about being deliriously happy to push through grueling workouts because that's...

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Injury Prevention for Runners – Run It Wednesday

Have a running injury? If you don't now, you probably soon will unless you know how to prevent common running injuries. No runner wants to be sidelined but, unfortunately a lot of runners (myself included) don't do all the little things they know they should to...

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