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The Rundown – Feeling Like A Master

It's not a good thing. When I say I'm "feeling like a master" I mean I feel old and every bit like I'm in the over 40 masters age group. Training always ebbs and flows but I'm feeling my age more than usual as I head into the final weeks before the Las Vegas Rock and...

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The Rundown – Running Toward Las Vegas

Every time I survive the flight to Las Vegas (or anywhere else), I think it's a miracle. So, any anxiety I may have about running the Las Vegas Rock and Roll half marathon on November 12, is not really new to me. In fact, I can tell you in all seriousness that I still...

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Women! Please Cut the Sh*t and Support Each Other

Full disclosure: I wrote this post about two weeks ago, before my site crashed, and I took that as a sign to not post it. However, in light of what happened in Las Vegas, a place that is near and dear to my heart and where I intend to run a half marathon (which begins...

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The Rundown – Another Hole in My Head

When I was a junior at Boston University in 1996, I got the first extra hole in my head at a hemp fest held in the commons. Twenty-one years later, I got the second at a tattoo place, completely sober and all by myself. I'm celebrating my live like you were dying year...

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The Rundown – Low Gear

Things shifted into low gear this past week, as expected, and I was fine with the cutback in training but not quite prepared for this website to go down in flames, a missing iPod at the worst possible moment or a cold that only seemed to appear at 3:00am for days....

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The Rundown – Steady State

After you've been running for a while you can get into what I like to call a "steady state" of flow during a run. It's that blissful state of cruising along and feeling good, letting your mind wander and feeling grateful for just being out there while letting go of...

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The Truth About Having a Dog

Nine years ago, when I got pregnant with the twins, my friends were extremely honest with me about what life would be like after having kids. Phrases like "sobbing crying," "hot mess" and "wild insanity" were the ones I remember most and, I give them a lot of credit...

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The Rundown – Fresh Start

For anyone who has school age kids, September feels more like the beginning of a new year than January. For me, it's the signaling of a fresh start. I want to wipe away the negativity and unmotivated feelings of the past spring and summer and focus only on today and...

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