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The Rundown – A Strong Practice

Now that I'm a regular yogi (I have attended yoga class three weeks in a row!) I've started to really love being on my mat. Of course, I run at least four miles prior to class because even "power yoga" leaves me with too much excess energy on a Monday. In last week's...

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The Rundown – A Different Kind of Hard

For most people the hard part of exercising and racing is getting up and out the door everyday and especially the day of the race. For me, it's so much harder to stay in bed and chose not to train or race even though it's a much smarter decision...until this past...

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Surprising Ways to Beat the Heat While Running

This is not another post about how to put ice in your hat or drink freezing cold water for 48 hours before your run to stay cool. Science is giving runners a whole new way to beat the heat while running and it has nothing to do with getting cold, but instead, with...

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The Rundown – Acclimation

My mind and body are currently in the process of acclimatizing to heat, the boy's camp schedule, a dog in "toddler" mode and husband who is frequently traveling. It's a process. WEEK OF JUNE 19, 2017 RUNNING I have been running in nothing but heat and humidity. My...

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The Rundown – I’m Not Trying to Kill You

When you're training plan for the week comes with the disclaimer from your coach of "I'm not trying to kill you" you know it's going to be a good week. I had to put on my big girl panties and strap on beach ball sized lady nuts to get though this training week! Did I...

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10 Things I Hate About Running

As much as I love running and cannot imagine my life without it, there are a few things I hate about it too. Lest you think I wake up every day eager to get out the door and pound out the miles, here are 10 things I could very happily live without, when it comes to my...

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The Rundown – Unstructured Workouts

The week following my first triathlon race of the season was deemed an "unstructured workout" week by my coach, who also added "do you think you can handle it?" Hell yes. WEEK OF JUNE 5, 2017 RUNNING Obviously I wanted to run but, you may recall, I had a pretty nasty...

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