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The Rundown – Countdown To Cuba!

In less than two weeks I will be going to a country I have heard about all my life but was never sure I would see. I will be able to witness the world my father was born into and watch as he sees it for the first time in over 50 years. I will have the privilege of...

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5 Ways Hawaii Restored My Faith in People

People can be jerks and, lately, I'm up to here with them. My relationships with some family members has been thrown for a loop, a nasty situation with a close girlfriend left me cranky and, in general, I was sick of the human race. You all know why. By the time...

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When Celebrities Have Twins

You know I had to write this post. My head has been spinning with all the Beyonce twin pregnancy photos, memes and some of my favorite people tagging me on FB declaring I had twins before Beyonce made it cool. Why thank you, yes I did. As for the "coolness" factor, I...

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The Rundown – Mahalo

Mahalo means "thank you" in Hawaiian and I could not be more thankful to the people and the island of Hawaii. The big island is spectacular, the people are wonderful, the sun was warmer than I remembered and the swimming, cycling and running were incomparable. I'm so...

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8 Best Things About Winter Running #RunIt

This is the blog post formerly known as the Wednesday Round Up. I think the reason is obvious. From here forth this last Wednesday of the month link up shall be known as Run It. Ya know, because that's what we all do - - run our house, our professions, our workouts,...

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The Rundown – High Intensity

When your training week comes with a warning from your coach, you should probably pay attention. When I looked at my week ahead on Training Peaks, I found this note of caution: "This looks like an easy week, but it's not. It has fewer workouts, but the intensity is...

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What “They” Say You Should Do vs Reality

"They" say a lot of things. In fact, by the time you reach 40 years on this planet you have enough cliche advice to fill the empty seats at the inauguration. Oops! I'm talking politics on the blog which is something "they" say you should never do! Let's see what other...

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The Rundown – What Do You Expect?

I finally finished listening to Matt Fitzgerald's book How Bad Do You Want It? One of the last chapters is titled What Do You Expect? In it, Fitzgerald explains how we often get what we expect, not only in running and racing, but in life. From here on out, I'm...

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A Workout, Something to Watch and A Win for the Weekend

Is anyone else overly excited about this long weekend? I know we just had a holiday break but it seems like a distant memory. If you're feeling unprepared for the extra day off, I have you covered with a workout, something to watch and a share for the win! A WEEKEND...

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How Triathletes Are Different Than Runners

I have been a runner for almost as long as I can remember. Before Garmin and GPS watches, before technical fabric, before running groups on social media, hell even before social media itself. But, after a few years training on the fringes of the sport, I now consider...

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