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The Rundown – Slow and Steady Wins What?

Clearly "slow and steady wins the race" is only a metaphor for life since no one "slow" has ever won a race. Not ever. Come on now! However, I'm trying desperately to learn that slow and steady is the way you build back up to winning the race. It's the only way. Your...

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The Rundown – Two Weeks

Two weeks. That is the time I have without a training schedule. After finishing the amazing Rock and Roll Las Vegas Half Marathon (for fun!) I was set free by my coach and told to "only do what feels good" for the next 14 days. Since Las Vegas and "feel good" are...

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Shavasana aka Corpse Pose

The late fall season always feels like a running shavasana to me. Shavasana is a yogi term, coined from a sanskrit word meaning "corpse," and is the very last thing you do before leaving your mat after a yoga class. The benefit of shavasana (or corpse pose) is to let...

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My Favorite Mental Preparation Trick for Race Day

There is so much being written and said about mental preparation when it comes to racing, and for good reason. The mind and body connection is so strong and, if you're not using it to your advantage on race day, you're leaving out a key element in achieving your...

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The Rundown – Shifting Gears

Sadly, fall is coming to an end in New England, my bike rides are mostly indoors, there's no more open water swims and I have officially moved my summer wardrobe to an empty closet in the house. In addition to the shift in my training, I'm also making changes...

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