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Stretches for Every Runner – #WednesdayRoundUp

I'm taking some liberties with the Wednesday round-up post this week since, other than I'm just a rule breaker, I need to keep this space honest. You see, we had a choice between yoga stretches and regular old stretches for runners and I've done yoga exactly once in...

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The Rundown – Thick Skin

I used to think I didn't have thick skin. Last week was a rough one for me and, I even literally ripped the skin open on my hands doing deadlifts at Boundless Performance. How's that for a sign? But then, something occurred to me and I've started changing the way I...

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My Women’s Running Article Brought Out All the Haters

It has happened before and, I'm sure it will happen again. After I write, my words go out into the world and onto social media to be judged. I've been comment slammed over a few of my articles but nothing compared to the ignorance and hate that was cyber-spewed at me...

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The Rundown – Work the Hills

There have been a lot of hills this past week, both literally and figuratively. Before I was out running hills in Napa, CA I had some uphill battles to work out at home. Just little things really but, you know what happens to my molehills when I don't address them...

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Gear Review and Giveaway! #RiseRunRetreat

If there's one thing I cannot get enough of, it's competition. If there's another, it's all the gear that goes along with it. If you know anything about Rise.Run.Retreat then you may have heard about the legendary swag bags. They are no joke and our fearless leaders...

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The Rundown – Offseason

I hate the offseason. I don't especially know how to turn myself off and away from hard training. It's an addiction and, right now, my dealer (aka coach) is only handing out small doses. I'm trying my best to relax and enjoy this time off but, in all honesty, it's...

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Behind the Scenes at Rise.Run.Retreat

By now, you've probably seen a plethora of glossy, perfectly filtered images from the Rise.Run.Retreat. No doubt your social media feed has been inundated with healthy food, epic runs, sculpted women and big cheesy grins from 10 bloggers at a retreat high in the...

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The Rundown – Retreat Hangover

Amazing things happen when super strong, fast running and intelligent women get together for a weekend. I have so much to share and show as I slowly come down from the high that was the Rise.Run.Retreat. But, right now, I'm dealing with the side effects that come from...

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Pre-Race Plan – Timeless

This Sunday I will be running in only my second half-marathon of the year. I'm looking forward to lining up with my fellow bloggers during the Rise.Run.Retreat at the Leaf Peeper Half Marathon race in Waterbury, Vermont. The one word that I have repeated over and over...

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