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10 Thoughts About My 10 Mile Race

"I should be on a bike by now," is what I was thinking around mile 7 of the Middletown 10 Miler this past weekend. I've been primarily racing triathlon for so long now that I almost forgot what it's like to "just" run. Here's the good, bad and ugly over 10 miles in...

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The Rundown – Race, Taper, Repeat

Here we go again. It's time for the race taper but, before I got too lax, I did a 10 mile race yesterday. Yep, I raced 10 miles exactly one week before the Duathlon National Championship. Genius move or worst idea ever? Only time will tell. The one thing I know for...

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The Rundown – Just Be Yourself

There's a great monologue at the end of one episode of My So Called Life with Claire Danes when she laments how adults are always saying "just be yourself" like who you are can be concrete and definitive. Lately, I'm feeling I have various "selves" constantly...

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The Rundown – How Good is Your “Why?”

My trainer asked for my advice on what to tell a client of his who is struggling to meet her weekly running mileage. She has a goal of running a half marathon this spring and is slacking on training runs. I immediately told him to ask her what her "why?' is. And I...

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The Rundown – Florida Triathlon Training Camp

I want to start by thanking everyone for their comments, emails, phone calls and text messages about my post on my fear of flying and panic attacks. I cannot tell you how much it meant for me to be so vulnerable and have it be so graciously received. Each time someone...

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My Anxiety Brain on A Plane

I’m not sure I want to post this but here goes nothing.  During an online writing course, I shared what I claimed was a fictional story that included a character named “Anna” who had a ferocious fear of flying. I received some really great feedback, specifically...

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The Rundown – Stubborn vs Stupid

It's been a rough week. Whenever I'm sick or injured I always wrestle with my workout choices. Unless I literally cannot get out of bed (which was the case last Tuesday) I will go to the gym, go for a run or get on my bike. Not surprisingly this behavior shows up in...

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The Rundown – How to Tidy Up Your Entire Life

That's right. You can clean up your entire mess of a life after reading this one blog post. What? Too much? If you're neck deep in Marie Kondo's world of deciding which of your race medals brings you the most joy, I'm here to save you. Forget your material things and...

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The Rundown – I Can’t Feel My Legs

A few years ago I read MMA fighter Ronda Rousey's book My Fight / Your Fight. It was a fascinating look into her life and the measures she took to be the best female fighter in the world. Her training (both of her mind and body) was relentless. One passage remains...

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