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Are the Comments About Female Olympians Really Sexist?

At this point, I'm sure you have seen the many articles slamming some of the NBC Olympic analysts and other news outlets, as being "sexist" toward female Olympians. Being a woman who is also a competitive athlete, I pay close attention to these stories. I will be the...

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The second most popular question I am asked, after "what nationality are you?" is "what motivates you to keep training hard year after year?" I'm Cuban and Italian and I was basically born motivated (and angry) however, when I really think about the longevity of my...

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The Rundown – Triathlon Nationals Week!

This is it. The week I have been waiting for. Well, I was really waiting for those two weeks I spent eating and drinking my way though Italy in May but, this is also a very big date on my calendar. On Thursday of this week I will leave for triathlon nationals in...

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High Five Friday – Get Your Gear Here!

Since I have exactly one week until Triathlon Nationals in Omaha, NE I'm actually wanting time to slow the hell down! I seriously cannot believe the race is almost here, and that triathlon season is almost over for me. Instead of wallowing in self-pity (I'll do that...

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2 Most Important Things I Learned from Inside Tracker

When I had my blood analyzed by the new company InsideTracker, I actually learned a lot but, there are two things in particular that I think will be helpful to almost anyone reading this. If you read my first blog post when I mentioned InsideTracker, you may recall...

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The Rundown – Endorphin Rush

In two weeks I will be racing at the Triathlon National Championships in Omaha, Nebraska. I have been racing and training well and definitely feel like I'm in a groove with my workouts (well, except for one of them) and can feel the endorphin rush in every aspect of...

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Run Fast and Stay Cool – 6 Speed Workouts for Runners

The last Wednesday of the month means it's time for the running round up with five of my best running friends. This month, it's all about speed, even at the height of hotness. Don't let the sun and humidity keep you from the track. You can run fast and stay cool this...

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The Rundown – Transitions

I've been making some changes around here - both inside and out. Obviously my site received a facelift but I've been making some other, less obvious changes, one that was even a surprise to myself! Transitions in triathlon are those precious minutes when you switch...

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