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Dynamic Warm-Ups for Runners #WednesdayRoundUp

It's that time of the month. No, not THAT time, thank God but time for another edition of the Wednesday Round-Up where me and five of my best running friends tell you how to become a better runner. This month we're focusing on dynamic warm-ups. Many of you may be...

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The Rundown – Back to My Running Roots

This past week I have been almost exclusively focused on running, in preparation for the Leaf Peepers half marathon (part of the Rise.Run.Retreat) in Vermont on October 2. It's so strange how I have become so enamored with triathlon that "just" running has changed so...

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Race Result Disaster – HMF Women’s Triathlon

Oh where to begin with the disaster that turned out to be the Hartford Marathon Foundation Women's Triathlon race in Farmington last weekend? It actually started out great for me but ended in disappointment for so many and confusion and uncertainly for everyone. I...

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The Rundown – The Last Triathlon of the Season

As a runner, fall would signal the start of my most favorite season. The temperatures finally and mercifully cool, all the training though the heat and humidity of summer start to pay off and big goal races are only weeks away. Now, as I have morphed into a full-blown...

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4 Legit Reasons for Cycling in the Middle of the Road

We have all seen them. We have maybe uttered a few choice words about them. We have maybe driven just a little too close to them. And, we all have asked the question "Why are you cycling in the middle of the road?" Unless, of course, you're a cyclist. I understand the...

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Learn From My Racing Mistakes

Every article I get paid to write comes from my experiences. My most favorite pieces are based on the mistakes I've made and, the bigger and more spectacular, the better. After running and racing for almost 20 years, I think I have made every mistake there is but, I...

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The Rundown – Negative Splits

If you haven't a clue what a negative split is, you're not alone. If you do know, but have yet to accomplish one in a race or run, you are also not alone. If you think the concept of negative splitting is bullshit, you too have company my friend. Running a negative...

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Run-fession: I Practice Profiling on the Run

I'm not proud of myself but "profiling" is a tactic I have used for self preservation, for over 15 years. As runners know all too well these days, you can never be too careful out there. In addition to having my music or podcast volume low,  I keep my head on a swivel...

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The Rundown – Back in Action

I am so glad I enjoyed my two weeks of downtime to the fullest because last week was like a slap in the face! Starting on Sunday, I was right back in action with two hour workouts and, I have to admit, they were kicking my butt. My butt also literally felt like it was...

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