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The Rundown – Keeping My Head Above Water

Usually my training is the only thing I have to battle my way though in any given week. However, this summer has proven to be challenging in almost every aspect of my life! It's all "good stress" but stress nonetheless. Summer is supposed to be a time of relaxation,...

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Should You Bring Kids to Europe?

When I planned my first overseas trip in 2014, to the World Championship Duathlon in Spain, there was no question that my then five year-old twins would be traveling to Europe with me. When I would tell people they were joining us on our adventure it was mostly met...

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The Rundown – 7 Weeks Until Triathlon Nationals

I decided to take a little break from the tour of Italy on Mondays and have returned to regularly scheduled programming. I'm waiting to get all my money back from the Sorrento hotel before I start calling out their bullshit and, I also intend to do full recaps on the...

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Hill Workouts for Runners! #WednesdayRoundup

I am so excited to be back in action for this months runner's workout round-up! I know you missed my advice last month when I was in Italy but, I feel like this is the perfect topic for me to come home to since I consider hill workouts my specialty. Maybe it's because...

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The Rundown On the Road – Sorrento, Italy

We have now traveled from Rome to the Tuscany region and have arrived at our final destination, Sorrento on the Amalfi Coast! Obviously this was one of the most stunning regions we visited and, I always feel better when I'm by the water. However, as I briefly...

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My Top 3 Fitness Motivators of the Moment

One of the things I loved most about traveling to Italy was all the time I had to read and watch movies. I almost never have that kind of downtime (because I don't create it) and, prior to being trapped on a plane for 9 hours one way to Italy, the last movie I had...

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The Rundown On the Road – Tuscany, Italy

Ciao friends! When we left off last Monday, we were saying good-bye to Rome and bonjourno to Tuscany! After five glorious days in Rome, we headed to the train station where we would be whisked away to the Tuscany region in less than four hours...and two trains...and...

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