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Rest and Next Race!

I had a plan. I thought it was a good one. I would race the Columbia Triathlon four days prior to leaving for a two week trip to Italy where I would rest and recover until my next race. Now that I am home, I feel anything but rested and recovered and I'm staring down...

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The Rundown Goes on the Road: Rome, Italy

Ciao my friends! I would say it's good to be back but it's pretty horrible. I woke-up in a haze at 5am last Friday morning with no Italian roast coffee, no view of the Mediterranean sea and, worst of all, my kids were still with me after 15 days of non-stop travel....

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Expect the Unexpected – Columbia Triathlon Race Recap

After I left for Maryland last Friday morning, almost nothing went as planned concerning this race. Some things went horribly wrong, and others surprisingly right. By the end of the weekend I decided to stop trying to predict the future and instead, relied on what had...

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Your Perfect Post-Run Stretch Routine by Dave Smith

As you read this I will be traveling to Maryland to compete in the Columbia Olympic distance triathlon! After conquering that monster, I will be in so much need of Dave's post-run stretch video since, after the race (and a celebratory cheeseburger and beer) I will be...

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Final Thoughts and Goals for the Columbia Triathlon

This is a tricky one. I have thought about almost nothing else during my hours of weekly training over the past five months but, now that it's time to put some actual goals in place, I find myself at a loss. This will be my very first ever Olympic distance triathlon....

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The Rundown – Taper Me!

You know you have had a successful training cycle when you are looking forward to your taper. Last week I finally hit the point of mental exhaustion - just in time for my taper this week and then (gulp) my race on Sunday. Here goes everything... WEEK OF MAY 2, 2016...

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Advice My Mom Never Gave Me About Marriage

This is a big weekend for me. My husband and I celebrate 10 years of being married and, it's mother's day. I'm always grateful to have a sort of happy distraction from mother's day since my mom died so many years ago. It's still somehow very hard to believe that my...

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My Guys Are Spies! #MukikiMToys (VIDEO)

Wouldn't it be great to be a spy? Obviously not an actual spy like on Homeland where you could get killed every half-minute, have to subject yourself to various forms of torture and have more pictures of dead bodies on your iPhone than a serial killer. I mean a fun...

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The Rundown – Dress Rehearsal

When I was in ballet and jazz for the better part of my adolescence, there was a saying before our big spring recital, "A bad rehearsal means a good show!" I certainly hope that is a boldfaced lie because I have had an amazing week of dress rehearsal for my upcoming...

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