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Upper Body Workout for Runners! #WednesdayRoundUp

Yeeehawwww! It's time for another end of the month workout round up with all my crazy ass runner friends! This time we're focused on upper body workouts for runners and how a strong upper body can help with fatigue, form and pure power in performance.   LET'S DO...

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The Rundown – Hit the Bricks

I've been hitting the bricks hard this past week and loving it! A "brick" session in triathlon refers to doing two or three disciplines in succession, to simulate race day. Thoughout my months-long training cycles I have done every combination you can imagine - -...

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Workouts That Almost Killed Me

We all know the phrase "What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger" but, as my husband said recently "Is that really the baseline? Death?" It obviously shouldn't be but, having a sense of "this may kill me" during a training session has it's benefits. TRAINING SHOULD...

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Waterproof iPod and Headphones Giveaway!

You know I have been touting the benefits and amazingness of my WaterFi waterproof iPod and headphones ever since I purchased them about a year ago. Now, because I want good karma, I'm offering you a chance to win your very own! What can I say? I'm a giver...when...

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The Rundown – Shiz Is Getting Real

The countdown to my triathlon is on like Donkey Kong. I'm four weeks out from race day and I seriously cannot believe it. Anyone who has ever trained for a race will understand the feeling of thinking you have so much time, until you have none, and race day is upon...

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High-Five Friday! NYC, Marathon Monday and More

I generally don't like to wish time away but, I have to say I'm pretty happy it's Friday and that this week is a wrap! I'm linking up with Angela of Happy Fit Mama who is currently training for the Mt. Washington Road Race. If you have never heard of this race, it...

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How to Spring Clean Your Gym Stuff

Like most of you, I hate to clean. But, also like most of you, I like stuff to be clean...especially my gym stuff which is probably filthier than my kids hands at the end of a camp day. Unlike a lot of things in my life, I don't go overboard with cleanliness and...

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The Rundown – Things I’m Not Good At

Don't be so shocked. And, if you're not, don't worry this will not include all the things I'm not good at because I don't think anyone has that kind of time! This past week was another "rest" week on my training schedule. Obviously I do not rest well. And, I use...

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5 Fitness Trends I Don’t Follow

What can I say? I'm just not a follower. Yes, I wear compression socks from time to time and I barely go anywhere during the week without my Garmin vivoactive tracking my every move and alerting me to every single online interaction I can possibly have (email,...

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Workout Wednesday – Run Like the Wind

If you can't beat it, use it! I was starting to get seriously frustrated about having to run in all the crazy wind around here...until it started snowing. I realized that things can always get worse and, instead of trying to constantly fight the elements, why not just...

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