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Race Report – Colchester Half Marathon

I have a long history of loving to hate this race. I have run it six times, not consecutively, and each experience has been vastly different. There are parts of the course on dirt roads which have been covered in snow or iced over, there are far more cows then...

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The Rundown – Race Week

Like most races, this one did not go as planned but, I showed up (alone!) and ran the hell out of it. I also felt like I was running though my week, once again, but this time I was not complaining! On your mark, get set... WEEK OF FEBRUARY 22, 2016 RUNNING Yes, it was...

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Indoor Sweat Sessions – Workouts for Runners!

Just because you cannot make it to the gym is less then zero excuse to skip your workout. I personally would much rather be outside then cycling, running or strength training in my basement but, if life and the weather leave me no other option, you can bet I will be...

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The Rundown – Room to Breathe

This is all I want - - just some room to breathe. I'm so sick of rushing through my days and being exhausted in my nights. Lately my workouts and managing my work with the boys' schedules and family traveling has been mentally and physically exhausting. I'm so...

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The Rundown – Whiplash

Holy...Did you feel that? It's the cold dead hand of winter slapping me in the face and causing whiplash. Although it's already the end of February, winter chose to rear it's ugly head in the form of sub zero temperatures and snow last week, just in time for my long...

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The 5 Valentines I Really Want to Give

First off, can we all agree that Valentine's Day in a made-up, kind of cheesy holiday that could surely be left off the calendar without much fanfare? No? Well, fine then. I'll go along with the sappy love holiday BS a little bit and, mostly only because two amazing...

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The Rundown – Roll With It

"Roll with it" has been my mantra this week. The week began with one of my kids still being sick (day four), a 55 degree run outside in shorts followed the very next day by 10-12 inches of snow and no school, a root canal and some seriously hard and long efforts in...

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High Five Friday! #Shame

I want to high five all the professionals out there who do a great job and take pride in what they were hired to do. I feel like I have been bombarded with unprofessionalism lately, and it seems to be completely acceptable. It's especially surprising because I wasn't...

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