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The Rundown – Roll With It

"Roll with it" has been my mantra this week. The week began with one of my kids still being sick (day four), a 55 degree run outside in shorts followed the very next day by 10-12 inches of snow and no school, a root canal and some seriously hard and long efforts in...

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High Five Friday! #Shame

I want to high five all the professionals out there who do a great job and take pride in what they were hired to do. I feel like I have been bombarded with unprofessionalism lately, and it seems to be completely acceptable. It's especially surprising because I wasn't...

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Fact or Fiction? Nutrition Edition

This post could be a book. It seems there is so much ground to cover when talking about fact vs fiction when it comes to nutrition. Was eating always this complicated? Is it complicated? Why are we so obsessed with food and weight and nutrition? It seems like it...

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5 Most Embarrassing Songs on My Playlist

When it comes to music, my taste has a very wide range and, because I'm usually training for the better part of two hours, five days a week, I need to mix up my playlist - a lot! I often think, while running down the street or lifting weights at the gym, if someone...

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Fact or Fiction? Fitness Edition!

There are so many fitness myths out there and I feel a need to set the record straight. After my hairdresser asked me what the best way to lose a quick 10 pounds was and then proceeded to tell me, with wide-eyes yearning for encouragement, that she's drinking a gallon...

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The Rundown – Hiberation

It's not that cold here. The first snowstorm of the season dumped a very manageable six inches, yet I'm definitely in hibernation, and I love to hate it. Ok, I mostly hate it but I would never want to move. Having my treadmill and bike trainer set up in the basement...

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Five Article Friday – Read All About It

As an avid reader, I feel like I will never get caught up on all the articles, stories and books I want to read. Even during vacation, when there seemed to be ample time to get lost in the New York Times (ok, fine the Post as well), blogs, magazines and books, the...

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