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The Rundown – Back to Work

Of course by "back to work" I'm speaking only of running, biking and swimming like it's my job! And Brittany? I have been working bitch! Let's do this... WEEK OF JANUARY 4, 2016 RUNNING CRS (Coach Rocket Science) wasted no time in getting me back in the game. This...

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The Boys Get A Lesson in Giving

It is a story that just needs to be told, and I haven't written exclusively about the boys in this space for a long time, and it's time. The boys have a play room over our garage. They almost never play in it because they want to be downstairs where the action is. I...

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Let’s Eat!

I know you probably just resolved to basically not eat in the new year but, that's insane. Truly. I'm not sure when food became so confusing but the thought of choosing a meal, with the overload of information about what to eat, not eat, what causes cancer, what...

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The Rundown – Fresh Start in 2016

Well hello and Happy New Year! It's great to be back...well, it's sort of ok to be back because being off was amazing. I had a fabulous two weeks filled with family, food and fitness. Of course there was also sickness, whining and stress so I'm glad that part is over....

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The Rundown – End of the Year Clearance

As expected, this past week was insane. I tried very hard to embrace the chaos the end of the year brings but, as you know, chaos is definitely not my thing. I hate yard sales, clearance sales, and anything else that isn't well organized and laid out for me in brand...

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This Is Living – The Single Best Gift to Give

"I'm DYING!" was the phrase I heard most often when I had my personal training studio. Inevitably, when the class or a workout became really hard, the client would yell out these two words. Repeatedly. My response? "This is what living feels like!" Most of them were...

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The Rundown – In (Mostly) Pictures

I don't have time to write and you don't have time to read so let's just do this! WEEK OF DECEMBER 7, 2015 RUNNING This was not a great week for my most beloved of sports. I think I'm just over tired and cranky. This too shall pass. I ended up only running 20 miles...

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High Five Friday – 99 Problems

Everything is going to be ok. I have solutions to the problems! Most of them involve eating, drinking and resting. Let's get started! As you may know, I'm handing out high fives for Friday again with one of my best bitches - Angela of Happy Fit Mama. She's got 99...

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LYTE Up Your Running Life with EnduroPacks #Giveaway

As a mom to six year-old twins who are beginner readers, it pains me to spell words like the one in my title incorrectly. In fact, I don't hide my frustration when the kids are reading something (which is everything these days!) and they don't know the word "night"...

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