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The Rundown – What Day is It?

The holidays are a whirlwind in the best and worst ways. As with all time off and forced family get-togethers, there were highs and lows for me. There are plenty of things I'm not thankful for, but so much more that I am, and I'm trying to keep that in mind while I...

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The Rundown – 13.1 Miles in Sin City

  Bless me father for I have sinned. It's been one year since my last Vegas confession and this one is a doozie! I confess to having way too much fun, way too many shots, laughing way too hard and hugging too many people...if that's possible? I have zero regrets...

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The Rundown – Sorry Doesn’t Make the Noodles

If the quote "sorry doesn't make the noodles" seems familiar to you, you have watched Kung Fu Panda as many times as I have. In the opening scene, Po the Panda (voiced by Jack Black) oversleeps. When he rushes downstairs to help his dad (the Goose voiced by James...

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Why I Started Running #JustRun

You would think for something that is so important in my life, I would remember why I started doing it. After all, I remember why I wanted to have kids (because I was delusional), why I wanted to qualify to run the Boston marathon (because every runner did) and why I...

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The Rundown – Dare to Be Good (Enough)

My husband and I have a "devil's advocate" question we use in clever ways to verbally spar with one another. I have to give him all the credit for coming up with it, but I get credit for using it more. The question is simply "what is it all for?" Imagine my surprise...

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The Rundown – Wanna Get Away?

For months now I have been talking to my husband about leaving. I'm not positive where I want to go or for how long, I just know that I wanna get away. Soon. I'm not talking about a vacation either but actually living with my family somewhere else (anywhere else!) for...

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The Rundown – Narrow Your Focus

"Narrow your focus to only what is happening inside this room." Statements like these from my yoga teacher are why I love and need my hour of inward reflection and narrowed focus once a week. It's so hard to do otherwise. Lately I have found myself trying to do a lot...

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