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The Rundown – In (Mostly) Pictures

I don't have time to write and you don't have time to read so let's just do this! WEEK OF DECEMBER 7, 2015 RUNNING This was not a great week for my most beloved of sports. I think I'm just over tired and cranky. This too shall pass. I ended up only running 20 miles...

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High Five Friday – 99 Problems

Everything is going to be ok. I have solutions to the problems! Most of them involve eating, drinking and resting. Let's get started! As you may know, I'm handing out high fives for Friday again with one of my best bitches - Angela of Happy Fit Mama. She's got 99...

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LYTE Up Your Running Life with EnduroPacks #Giveaway

As a mom to six year-old twins who are beginner readers, it pains me to spell words like the one in my title incorrectly. In fact, I don't hide my frustration when the kids are reading something (which is everything these days!) and they don't know the word "night"...

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The Rundown – Calm Before the Storm

There was a certain calmness to my first week in December. I'm still high on memories from a great Thanksgiving holiday, my workouts are on my terms with no race goal in the near future, the weather has yet to turn brutally cold and school for the kids is lulling in...

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Put the Book Down! Worst Reads of 2015

I bet you think I'm going to write "put the book down and go for a run!" which, although a fabulous idea, is not what this post is about. It's actually about just putting bad books down. Are you the type who can walk away from a crappy book or do you have to see it...

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Get This, Not That – Gift Guide

Ah, the holidays. I usually start out with the mindset of not getting stressed, having all my shopping done early and online and not giving into the madness of it all. But, eventually, something (or many things) completely stress me out, I think I have all my shopping...

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The Rundown – News of the Century

It happened almost eight years ago now. I waddled my way outside to my car, dazed, crying and feeling completely overwhelmed and unhinged. I was eight weeks pregnant and had just received the news of the century. Twins. A few weeks back I received another piece of...

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The Rundown – Love/Hate Relationships

We all have them. Within ourselves, with others, with our everyday interactions, and possibly with inanimate objects. I had more then my share last week when my wisdom teeth were removed on Tuesday, started holiday shopping on Thursday (because my fitness was held to...

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High-Five Friday! My Teeth Are Gone…and 4 Other Things

At the ripe old age of 40, I have accomplished yet another first - the removal of my wisdom teeth! Of course my oral surgeon had to ask, when we first met for my assessment, "So, how young are you?" and when told him, he responded with "you know, most people get these...

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What Type of Runner Are You?

Have you ever stopped to think about where your focus (or lack of focus) is during a run? How about a race? Do you listen to music? A podcast? The birds? I know, of course, what I think about and why but, yet another revelation when reading The Runner's Brain, had me...

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