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The Rundown – Me Time

I questioned the title of this post for a couple of reasons. First, I don't really like the term "me time" because it seems to be just another one of those cheesy, made-up, trendy phrases that a lot of people use with little meaning. Second, last week was mostly about...

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The Rundown – Right Up Until Race Day

Here is the tricky part with posting a weekly recap on a Monday - when something big happens on Sunday, you need to back it up a week and start from seven days out. Although I am dying to do a full recap on all that was the New York City marathon, this is where I...

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The Big One – New York City Marathon 2015

When I was a little girl, I had a huge poster of the New York City skyline hanging across my bedroom wall. I loathed my canopy bed (so much so, I once disassembled it and left at the top of my driveway, as trash) as well as the pastel flower wallpaper that surrounded...

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The Rundown – Taper Town USA

Oh how I love living in taper town! Well, I love it this time because I truly feel like I need the rest after so much running, racing and repeating over the past several weeks. Bring on the rest days baby! WEEK OF OCTOBER 19, 2015 RUNNING 2 weeks to "A Race" aka the...

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RW Half & Festival – Altra and My Virgin Trail Race

You didn't think I was going to cram an entire weekend of awesomeness into one post, did you? That would just be wrong. I think I can whittle it all down to three separate posts so this is the first, since this was the first race of the weekend. I have a lot of mixed...

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The Rundown – On The Road Again

Traveling is great. It truly is. You know what's not great? Running say anywhere from 13.1 to 27 miles and then getting in a car and driving 4 to 5 1/2 hours either to or from a destination. But, that has basically been my life for the past three weeks and I have it...

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