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The Worst Comments Ever Received – By Category

It comes with the territory. I write, I'm lucky enough to have some of it published, it enters the dark world of social media and well, readers give their opinions. I do not have a thick skin. When I first started having my work critiqued on Facebook by strangers, I...

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High Five Friday – Overexposure

My cup runneth over this week. For realizes. I cannot believe the perfect storm of goodness that has taken over my week and I don't want to let it go. I can only hope the good times will keep rolling into this weekend and beyond. I'm going to need every ounce of...

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The Rundown – A Month of Crazy Starts Now

I'm headed into October with my head down and arms pumping. I may pop up for air sometime around November 2. This is going to be my monster month and not just because of Halloween. WEEK OF SEPTEMBER 28, 2015 RUNNING I'm starting to feel better about my mileage and...

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What Is Your beCAUSE?

Imagine taking your three year-old son for what you think is a routine check of his eyes, because you noticed a little white light, like a cat's eye glow, only to find out he was actually blind in that eye and needed emergency surgery to remove the eye, along with the...

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The Rundown – Reality Bites

Remember that movie? I don't really either except that I was in love with Eddie Vedder when it came out in 1994, and he was in it. I was in college at Boston University and reality was amazing. Now I'm an aging athlete with 6 year-old twins who is losing her grasp on...

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5 Things I Should Have Done 5 Years Ago

We have established that I am not a trendsetter. I'm late to the game on most things, never accurately predict the future (I thought both the iPod and Ryan Seacrest would be fads) and basically wait until everyone else tries stuff out before I jump on the bandwagon....

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