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The Rundown – Reality Bites

Remember that movie? I don't really either except that I was in love with Eddie Vedder when it came out in 1994, and he was in it. I was in college at Boston University and reality was amazing. Now I'm an aging athlete with 6 year-old twins who is losing her grasp on...

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5 Things I Should Have Done 5 Years Ago

We have established that I am not a trendsetter. I'm late to the game on most things, never accurately predict the future (I thought both the iPod and Ryan Seacrest would be fads) and basically wait until everyone else tries stuff out before I jump on the bandwagon....

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Life Before and After Garmin vîvoactive

I can't barely remember what life was like before I had my Garmin vîvoactice watch. Ok, that's a complete and total lie but I will say that I'm really getting used to it, and I mostly love my upgraded digital life of movement and constant notification. This all...

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The Rundown – Running Through My Head

I forgot how much time you have to think during solo training runs. Now that I'm back to almost exclusively running to train for the NYC marathon, I can't seem to shut myself up stop talking to myself. When I'm on the bike, I'm constantly anticipating what gear I need...

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High Five Friday + Giveaway!

Happy freakin Friday people! We made it. Another week has passed us by and we are now ready to let the weekend wash over us like a cool and refreshing adult beverage. Today, not only am I linking up with Happy Fit Mama but I'm also giving you a chance to win a sassy...

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7 Unhealthy Habits of A Healthy Athlete

I recently read an interview on espnW, with Erica Schenk. You know, the first plus-sized model/runner they put on the cover of Women's Running and everyone went berserk? a good way. The reporter asked her about positive body image and she said "People look at me...

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The Rundown – Unexpected

This past week really threw me for a loop. I crave consistency, organization and routine and last week was laughing in my face with chaos, pop-up problems and sick kids. Not all of the unexpected things sucked but, as a general rule, I hate surprises...unless they...

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On 9/11 I Was 3,000 Miles From Home

It's an interesting story that I have shared hundreds of times, but never in this space. It happened so long ago, and the extent of my "suffering" is nothing in comparison to the multitudes who lost so much. But, it's my story and, in honor of the date, I thought it...

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The Rundown – Re-Focus on Running

Throughout the summer I have been focused on qualifying for triathlon nationals. Mission accomplished. It's now time to shift gears to all running, all the time, and start to seriously think and train for the New York City Marathon! Someone hold me. I'm scared.  ...

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