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Quest for the Perfect Running Shoes

I've never had a running shoe problem. Almost since the day I started running more then two miles, I went to a specialty running shoe store, was fitted with a pair of Brooks Adreneline and wore them though five marathons and countless other races. I probably went...

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The Rundown – A Week of Firsts and Lasts

I want it to last. All of it. Summer, the boys being six, the days I get to spend with them, vacation time, toothless smiles; all of it. I know it won't and that is what is making this week so, so hard. Did I tell you I don't do well with change? It's all changing...

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The Rundown – Burning Up on Re-Entry

My return to normalcy after a month of being away has been rough. I know I should have probably expected this, but I didn't. Part of the problem is that I didn't realize just how relaxed I was when I was in New Hampshire. I was still doing a lot of my normal daily...

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Get Paid to Be Healthy with #Wellcoin!

I have always said someone should be paying me for being this healthy! Yeah, yeah it's a gift in itself but seriously, besides the PR's and bling, I want someone to show me the money! For all the talk about the obesity epidemic in this country, it's about time...

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The Rundown – Wake-up Early and Carry a Small Knife

Singing also helps. This is what my early morning runs have come to, ever since a bear cub was spotted just at the end of our road, up here in New Hampshire. I was just getting used to the wilderness in these parts but that is too much even for me. If you have ever...

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How To Train Hard on Vacation!…or Not

Being away from home for a month has many challenges, as one might guess. Going into this trip I knew there would be struggles and, overall I think I've handled them fairly well. It's a very odd feeling to be both on vacation and not for weeks at a time. There's an...

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