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The Rundown – Wake-up Early and Carry a Small Knife

Singing also helps. This is what my early morning runs have come to, ever since a bear cub was spotted just at the end of our road, up here in New Hampshire. I was just getting used to the wilderness in these parts but that is too much even for me. If you have ever...

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How To Train Hard on Vacation!…or Not

Being away from home for a month has many challenges, as one might guess. Going into this trip I knew there would be struggles and, overall I think I've handled them fairly well. It's a very odd feeling to be both on vacation and not for weeks at a time. There's an...

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Sexism? You Be the Judge (TBT Link-Up!)

This was a rough one but important and timely. I wrote this post two years ago, almost to the day, hence the Throwback Thursday theme. I'm proud to be co-hosting with Brittany at My Own Balance, who came up with the great idea to apply #TBT to blog posts! Since this...

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Rest for the Wicked

That's right, I'm taking a rest...of sorts. What started as "let's take a two week vacation this summer" has turned into almost a month, at a lake house in New Hampshire. Yes, four weeks of lakeside living for me and the boys while family (including my husband) and...

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Running Q&A with the Boys!

When your kids are your work, you bring them with you all day, everyday. And yes, the boys are the majority of my work but I also freelance write (for actual pay, not just the blog!) and it's...well, my job. How many jobs is that so far? While I schlep...

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The Rundown – Pre-Game

The week before the big week. The week before the big race is one of tapering - mileage, nerves and sanity. It can be the worst week and for me, in some ways, it was. I came down with a cold sinus infection, was unable to do my "practice" triathlon and had some issues...

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4th of July Favorites!

Ever since I had the opportunity to represent my country at the World Championship Duathlon, I've felt a little more proud of where I come from and what it truly means to be an American. Don't worry, I'm not getting too deep on you, but just honestly conveying what...

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