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In 200 Words or Less…An Amazing Opportunity

You know I love a good run-cation, right? Of course. So, the only question I have is, do YOU? If your idea of the perfect weekend getaway involves social media and running a half-marathon then I have some freakin' fantastic news for you...   THE BASICS YOU DO NOT...

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The Rundown – The Best and Worst of the Week

Things have been going one of two ways around here - great and horrible. Ever have a week like that? Welcome to my world. In the spirit of all that is honest around here, I present to you all the highs and lows, and nothing in between. WEEK OF JUNE 22, 2015 RUNNING:...

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Track Workouts for Runners and Non-Runners

The track is a beast for runners and non-runners alike. As most of you know, my husband hates to run and does it only because it burns a ton of calories, and is an excellent way to gage just how out of shape you are at any given time. Plus, we can bring the kids to...

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In the Name Of Fitness

What haven't I done to get my workouts in? Almost nothing. Am I addicted to exercise? No. I'm addicted to feeling great, running fast, sweating as much as any human can sweat and eating back all of the calories I burn off. If that's wrong, I don't want to be right....

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The Rundown – The Importance of Fueling Properly

You would think that after so many years of running and racing I would have this fueling thing down. Sadly, I still make mistakes and sometimes I pay dearly for them! I'm also not just talking about food. It's of the utmost importance to fuel your mind and spirit....

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Dads Who Have Influenced My Running

  Early on Saturday or Sunday mornings back in the early 90s, when I would drive over to my high school boyfriend's house, his dad would just be returning from what I'm guessing was his long run. He always wore a faded cotton t-shirt (this was before techwick)...

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Work On Your Weakness

As a personal trainer for a decade or so I was often asked what the 'best' exercise to do was. My answer? The one you love. Why? Because it's the one you will keep doing! Everyone has a different passion and ultimately, it's not about calorie burn or numbers on a...

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The Rundown: One Day At A Time

When my personal training clients would start getting crazy about not attaining goals right away or setting their expectations way too high, I would give them this advice: "Take it one day at a time, like an alcoholic." Truly. Just slow your roll and refocus. Now, if...

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Behind The Scenes of My Instagram Feed

I have to start by saying thank you. THANK YOU. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for all of your texts, tweets, phone calls, comments, and just tidal wave of love and support for my last post about my vitiligo. I cannot tell you how much I needed it. In fact,...

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I Have Michael Jackson’s Disease

I wish my 'disease' involved wearing one glove, tons of sequence and busting out some of the best dance moves and lyrics to ever hit the planet but, alas, what the late great Michael Jackson and I have in common is something truly awful. It's called vitiligo...

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