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Real Mom Moments

When your mom dies at a young age, the way mine did, you find yourself needing her everyday. Then there are those big moments of need, when you really wish there was some way to get her input, to hear her stories and to get her advice. I have never wanted my mom more...

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Are You Ok With Needles? My TDN Experience

Exactly what is TDN? I'll tell you, since my coach did not, but sent me like a sheep to the slaughter...ok, so that's overly dramatic...but the pain I experienced using Trigger Point Dry Needling (TDN) at the hands of a physical therapist can not be overstated!...

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The Rundown – Recovery Week!

It really should be called basking in the afterglow of a long and brutal race week, but that would be a tad lengthy. I cannot tell you how much I love recovery week and I've been doing it justice! #TreatYoSelf   It started out very rough. Making a long story...

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Jersey Shore – All the Dirty Details

I'm talking about the marathon of course! Prior to going along with my friend's plan to run the New Jersey Long Branch Marathon, I had never been to the Jersey Shore. The pictures always look gorgeous on-line and hey, they're trying to sell entry fees so I get it, but...

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My First Marathon…As a 40 Year-old

I should be sleeping right now. I woke-up in New Jersey at 4:30am on Sunday, ran a marathon at 7:30am and then drove home to Connecticut late Sunday afternoon. I had visions of sleeping in, but my legs are restless from pain and my mind is swirling with the memories...

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What Makes Me Whole On Race Day

My mind has been in a frenzy pretty much all week. I feel like a mental patient, having drastically darting thoughts from one moment to the next: "I'm going to rock this marathon! I'm so ready!" 10 seconds later... "My left foot hurts, my right hammy was weird on that...

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Race Ready Workouts

I wanted to share some of my favorite workouts with you today. As most of you know, I've been training in three disciplines - swim, bike and run - to get ready for three different races - marathon, duathlon and triathlon. Most weeks have been pretty grueling but, I...

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The Rundown – Boston Edition

It's Marathon Monday! if you didn't know. As a former Bostonian and graduate of Boston University, the city that sits a mere 120 miles or so from my home, is very close to my heart. Boston is like one of my best friends; it carries a lot my secrets, it's always...

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5 Surprising Revelations in Meb’s “Mortals” Book

I think we can all agree on our love for Meb. He's humble, he's kind, he's someone you want to root for and besides being able to run a sub-6 minute mile for 26.2 miles and win huge marathons (New York and Boston) and Olympic medals, he's a lot like us. At his core,...

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