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Elite Treatment – Which Would You Choose?

Imagine the glamorous life of an elite athlete, days filled with running, eating the perfect ratio of carbs to protein at every meal and having a massage therapist, physical therapist, coach and dietitian at your beck and call. Sounds like a dream, right? For the...

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The Rundown – Making Adjustments

This past week was an absolute blur. I had to plan two back-to-back birthday parties for the boys (what was I thinking?) deal with inconsistencies in planning, a surprise doctor visit for Miles, freezing rain and just a crap load of pop-up items I didn't want to deal...

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Double Talk

I remember when the boys were babies, I used to stare at them in utter disbelief that there were two! Somedays I still cannot believe I have twins. I also remember thinking how it would ever be possible for these tiny little babies to talk? Just thinking that someday...

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Three Months, Three (Different) Races

In case you didn't know, I don't do one thing at a time. Even when I got pregnant, I had twins. I never take the easy way out (even when I should!) and often bite off more then I can chew but then put my head down and So, like a lot of things I take on, I...

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The Rundown – Endurance

I have a Momentum Jewelry bracelet that reads - Believe. Endure. Achieve.  It's the middle one that is tricky. There's no way around endurance training. There's no faking it in a race, either you have it or you don't. Building it will test your capacity to suffer, and...

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Tales From the Gym: Racism and Weirdness

It's been a long time since I've had the pleasure of writing one of these. Trust me, I have plenty of old stories in the vault, but I just love when a new one develops right before your eyes, and it's blogging gold. This is precisely what happened just yesterday, when...

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The Rundown – Stay the Course

This week started horribly. I was dealing with some personal shit, I ran a horrendous 20 miler and the weather wasn't helping my mood or attitude. I think I'm officially that old person whose mood is altered by the degree of sun in the sky, which lately, has been...

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Quantity vs Quality (at Carla’s Place)

When I fist thought about starting to write a health and fitness blog I Googled something like "best health and fitness bloggers," since I wanted to see what the top dogs were up to, and build from there. Guess who came up first? Carla Birnberg! I was fascinated with...

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