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The Rundown – 40th Birthday Week!

I started the week in my thirties and ended up in my forties. New age group bitches!!!   WEEK OF MARCH 16, 2015 RUNNING: Last Monday started with a bang when I ran 18 miles in the sun. The first half of the run I was still digesting peanut butter so that wasn't...

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All the Cool Kids Are Turning 40

I'm not a fan of fake. Skinny is skinny and strong is strong, and skinny is not the new strong. In the same vein 40 is 40 and I really don't want it to be 30 or the new 30 or anything like 30. When I turned 30 I was unmarried, didn't have my two beautiful boys and had...

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My Place In the Pace – The Newbie

It's hump day and that means it's time for another pacing experience courtesy of a new runner. Ohhhh ahhhhh. As an old runner (in every possible way) I love when someone I know gets interested in running and racing. Actually, that's a lie. I like it when only certain...

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The Rundown: Reset Button

Can someone please help me push the reset button? I really need a fresh start, especially going into the week of my 40th birthday. Yes, it's finally here. So, let's recap - I had the health scare of my life last week and this week I'm turning 40.  For realizes?  ...

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A Health Scare That Helps?

I'm relatively new to blogging and, for some reason, I feel compelled to be completely honest with all my readers. The line of honesty and sharing here is sometimes blurred by fear or...well, probably just fear. It's tough to know how much to share. It's hard to write...

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My Place In The Pace – Miss Zippy

It's Wednesday in March, and that means it's time for another look into what life is like in a race, at different pace! Today Amanda aka Miss Zippy is sharing what life is like for a veteran runner who is still in the fast lane. My advice to you is to pay attention!...

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The Rundown: Everything Is Ok

You know that moment when you read something and suddenly an idea just clicks? That's exactly what happened when I read this article in Zelle by Kristin Armstrong (you may know her as Lance's ex) titled "Ok With Everything."  I immediately clicked on the title since I...

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Is There Crying In Running?

This thought came to me in the middle of a hard treadmill effort this week, because I seriously wanted to cry.  That great scene in A League of Their Own flashed into my head and I thought, well there may be no crying in baseball but there's a ton in running! Runners...

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My Place In The Pace: Meet the Elite

Welcome to a new series of guest posts here on the blog! I often wonder what it's like in different places (paces) in a race. Up in my pace group, there's very little chatter, lots of beeping GPS watches and sometimes jockeying for position. It leaves me wondering...

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The Rundown: Vegas Week

There's nothing like four days in sin city to put your health in perspective. From the alcohol and smoking to outrageous food choices and overall indulgence of pretty much everything, it's the place to be when you need a break from say 30 inches of snow. The weather...

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