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Is There Crying In Running?

This thought came to me in the middle of a hard treadmill effort this week, because I seriously wanted to cry.  That great scene in A League of Their Own flashed into my head and I thought, well there may be no crying in baseball but there's a ton in running! Runners...

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My Place In The Pace: Meet the Elite

Welcome to a new series of guest posts here on the blog! I often wonder what it's like in different places (paces) in a race. Up in my pace group, there's very little chatter, lots of beeping GPS watches and sometimes jockeying for position. It leaves me wondering...

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The Rundown: Vegas Week

There's nothing like four days in sin city to put your health in perspective. From the alcohol and smoking to outrageous food choices and overall indulgence of pretty much everything, it's the place to be when you need a break from say 30 inches of snow. The weather...

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Friday Flash (Vegas Style)

There's a lot of skin out here in Las Vegas and I wouldn't want it any other way. I've managed to keep all my clothes on so far, so let's hope that trend continues. It's just so unbelievably nice to be in the warm sun, put my toes in the pool and to run outside in...

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Survival Skills for Extreme Winter Running

As you all know, and are probably tired of of hearing, I've been buried in snow and trying to run my way out for months now. Between wind chills in the negative double digits, record snow fall and my husband staring at me and shaking his head while telling me "It's...

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The Rundown: Fill It Up!

I'm feeling pretty full these days. Not from food, in fact I can't eat enough, but from training, cooking, family, friends and snow. So much snow. I didn't say the fullness was all good, it's just full. Maybe I'm feeling hopeFUL because I'm going to see the sun and...

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The Rundown: Decisions

I love watching old movies, and by 'old' I mean movies from the 80s. I don't get to do it very often which is probably why, when I spy one on TV, I try to take 10 minutes to at least watch a little...even if it's from my shower which, outside of running, is my only...

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Who Is The Most Important Person In Your Life?

It sounds like a trick question. Are you thinking of all the possible answers - spouse/partner, kids, parents, maybe even a friend? If you're lucky, there are so many possibilities. Years ago I was watching Beyoncé be interviewed. I can't remember who the interviewer...

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