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The Rundown – Birthdays, Breaks & Blog Friends

Blog friends are real! I know those of you who don't have the pleasure of hanging in the blog-o-sphere may roll your eyes when I say my "blog friends," but it's because it sounds dumb, not that it is dumb. There's a difference. This past week I had so much fun meeting...

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It’s Raining (Personal) Records!

I can't control the weather yet. I really wish someone had this ability as it becomes an obsession for weddings, holidays, outdoor parties and races! I tend to not get especially crazy about the weather, simply because I like to focus on what I can control - my...

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The Rundown: Ready, Set, Eat!

Last week was a blur of incessantly stretching my hamstring, cleaning out closets (not Eminem style, actually cleaning out closets), traveling, packing, making food and eating it! That's what happens when you're in race taper mode, find out it's going to be cold rain...

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Goals Are Like Dreams – Everybody’s Got One!

There have been times when my goals seemed more like a dream, then something that is actually attainable. But, if I think back on a few things I never thought I would do - compete for Team USA, run for Oiselle, deliver healthy twins, be published in a book - I have to...

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5 Ways to Distract Yourself During Taper Time!

The race taper. Some dread it, and others welcome it. It's that time, usually 1-3 weeks before a big race, that you pull back on your mileage and hard efforts, and are in a holding pattern of resting your mind and body for the BIG RACE! No pressure. Who came up with...

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The Rundown – Quick & Dirty

It was that kind of week. It flew by, but things got messy. I had to get antibiotics for a sinus infection, one of the boys had another doctor visit (he's fine), I attended my first PTO Halloween party committee meeting (my life is now complete) and it all culminated...

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3 Ways A Non-Runner’s Perspective Can Help Runners

Runners are usually surrounded by people who know nothing about running. We all have friends and family who know that we like to 'jog' and that we occasionally do something crazy, like run a marathon, (which they think is anywhere from three to 50 miles long) but who...

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The Rundown – Week of Firsts

I think I should start by saying that when I wrote about being wrong last week, it turns out I was actually RIGHT...about one thing anyway. I'm not surprised, and you shouldn't be either! As you may recall, I said I was wrong about not wanting to wear a different...

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Resolution Round-Up!

Yep, it's that time again. Damn Melissa at The Valentine RD keeps forcing me to check-in with my New Year resolutions! It's actually a great thing and, in 2015 I'm making a goal of 'setting better goals.' You see, my first go-around with this, way back in January...

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