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The Rundown – Sick Week

Don't worry, you can't get anything by reading this blog post - except maybe happy and motivated! It's been a little rough around here this past week, with one of the boys and me getting sick. Now, how the hell did the other twin manage to stay healthy, but I got...

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Help With Hating on Parents

No one wants to be "that" parent, right? I was recently in hell the boys gymnastics center for their first class of the year. It was hot, crowded and filled with kids and parents. It's in this type of environment where you get to see a range of kids behaviors, and...

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The Rundown – In Pictures

That's right, I'm taking the easy way out this week and bringing The Rundown to you in pictures. Why? Oh let me see, it could be because I was in a van with six other women, running 200 miles from Canon Mountain, NH to Hampton Beach, NH from 4:30am Friday until 5:30pm...

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Build Your Running Body! Book Review & VIDEO

When given the opportunity to read and review Build Your Running Body by Pete Magill, Thomas Schwartz and Melissa Breyer, I was beyond thrilled. I geek out about reading in general, and then an entire book dedicated to further building my running body? Seriously? I...

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The Rundown – Rolling Hills

I often choose to do "rolling hills" when teaching spin class. We play around with the tension, and are either climbing or speeding. I like the change up, my muscles like it too, and it gives my mind something to think about other then the burning sensation in my legs...

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The Bad Race

To say my 20K race in New Haven on Labor Day this past week was bad, is a massive understatement. It was the worst I’ve ever felt in a race. Ever. This is saying a lot since my first ever marathon was run in pouring, driving rain. I also had the bad luck of running...

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FlipBelt Made Me a Better Mom

What is "FlipBelt" and how did such a thing happen? Well, I'm glad you asked and I will be happy to tell you. Like many other kids across the country, mine started their first day of Kindergarten last week. It was rough on me. From what I can tell, there are two mommy...

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