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Best Run Recovery Tips – Ideal vs Reality

Recovery is an interesting thing when it comes to training for any race goal. I have had my share of advice, have done a lot of experimenting and, ultimately have come to a system that makes my mind, body and coach happy. This was no easy task and has changed with my...

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The Rundown – How Badly Do You Want It?

When I sat down to finalize our Labor Day plans with my husband, I thought I was being honest when I told him I really did not care one way or the other. However, as soon as he dashed my race plans I realized I was lying my ass off. Everyone probably knows Matt...

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The Rundown – Hell Week Before Summer Vacation

You have to go through hell to get to heaven, right? I'm pretty sure that's what I was taught over 12 grueling years of Catholic school. Or maybe I'm just remembering a country song. Either way, my coach felt it necessary to put me through a savage week of workouts...

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Litchfield Hills Triathlon Race Recap!

It was a bit unexpected, but not totally unplanned, when I found myself on a beach at 7:00am last Sunday morning ready to race the the Litchfield Hills Olympic Distance Triathlon. I had a score to settle with this triathlon since I DNS'ed (did not start) it last year...

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The Rundown – So Many Questions!

It's barely July and I have so many questions. Should I do another 70.3 at the end of the summer? Is it safe to run outside when there's chance of a thunderstorm? Are my kids having fun at camp? Should I start one of the 100 writing projects in my head? Why does...

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Running With A Group vs Running Solo

This month's JUST RUN topic is going to be pretty easy for me since I have rarely, in my 18 years of running, run with a group. It's not by design, but I have to say I have come to truly love running solo but also look forward to running with one or two friends on...

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The Rundown – A Mile High

Follow my blog with Bloglovin For most of last week I was living a mile high in Denver, Colorado and it was amazing! The altitude kicked my butt, as expected, but there was something great about running 10 minute miles and gasping for air. Just kidding. There was...

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I Am A Half Ironman! Rev3 Quassy Race Recap

I did it. I finished 70.3 miles of swimming, cycling and running through some of the steepest terrain in Connecticut to claim the title of Half Ironman. Here's how it all went down. FOUR DAYS BEFORE THE RACE Yes, I'm starting four days before the race because that is...

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