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The Rundown – Fitspiration vs Reality

  You've seen the "fitspiration" memes. Maybe you have even been motivated by them. Well, in the words of  Emma Gonzalez, I'm calling BS on "fitspiration" and talking about the reality of training day after day to reach a big goal vs. a virtual motivational...

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The Rundown – The Stories We Tell Ourselves

  We all have that voice in our head that is constantly commenting, judging and stabbing opinions and ideas on a seemingly endless loop. It's there as soon as we wake up and holds our last thoughts before closing our eyes at night. How much attention to you pay...

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My Worst Race Ever – Just Run Link Up!

  With a writing assignment like "worst race ever" you would think one particular race would jump into my mind. You would be wrong. There are several. The time I bonked at mile 19 of the NYC Marathon comes to mind as does my first ever marathon where my pacer...

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The Rundown – Birthday Week!

  It's my birthday week and I will be celebrating all month long. That's right, when it comes to birthdays I go big! I see aging as a privilege since my mom didn't live past the age I will turn on Wednesday -- 43. In fact, a mere nine days after turning 43, I...

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The Rundown – My Life is A Fartlek

  Before you think I've started picking up vocabulary from the boys, you should know that a fartlek run is one with without a plan. When you run a fartlek, you run how you feel with no regard to pace or distance. Fartleks, in my opinion, are messy. I like order...

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Road Tested Reviews – Aerial Yoga

  The only thing you really need to know about Aerial Yoga is how much fun it is! Channel your inner P!nk as you swing through the air, rise and fall with grace and flow on a sash that feels as if it was made for you. Ok, so it was more like "how did I get so...

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I Did It for the Insta! #JustRun

  Don't judge me. I'm judged harshly enough when I try to take some of the most ridiculous pictures for my Instagram feed, but I do it all for you! Ok, that's a lie. I do it for the likes and follows and 'badass' comments and to look back and see how truly...

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The Rundown – Race Week

  I feel funny having the theme of this post be "race week" since it was really just a 13.1 training run that happened to be during a half-marathon race. I was out there running my best for sure, but it certainly was not a goal race and I was not in PR shape for...

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