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I Choose Not To Have Balance

That's right.  I don't seek balance because I know that's not really what I want, and if you're being honest with yourself, it may not be what you want either.   There's a lot out in the atmosphere about this elusive "balance" and why it's so important to achieve...

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FitBloggin’ Conference – In All Honesty

In all honesty... It shouldn't have been so damn hard to get to the fitness/blog conference (FitBloggin') in Savannah from Connecticut, but it was.  After hoping a puddle jumper to DC, I sat there, delayed for an hour before getting on another puddle jumper, where we...

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What Motivates You? How About A Giveaway?

Everyone loves a free gift, right?  Well don't you know that nothing in this life is free?  I'm not talking about money, but something way more precious - blood, sweat and tears.  Usually lots of tears. If I'm being completely honest with myself, my motivation comes...

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How Many Ways Can I Thank You?

I've learned how to say "thank you" in Portuguese - it's "Obrigado."  I said it quite a bit while enjoying my time in beautiful Portugal, with my family after my epic race in Spain.  Today I want to say thank you, gracias and obrigado to everyone who helped me on my...

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The Portugal Parking Debacle

Going into a European vacation with my family and extended family, was daunting.  Not to mention that little race I had while I was there.  Knowing my anxiety-ridden self, I used some preventative techniques prior to stepping one foot on the plane.  I decided (with a...

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Fact or Fiction? Spain Edition

You all remember the post I did before I left for my Duathlon in Spain about the Top 5 Craziest Comments About My Big Race, right?  Basically, I was told/asked some insane and/or rude questions and comments - a lot of them unsolicited - about my traveling...

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VITA AdVentures Abroad: The Sleepover

'Twas the night before the World Championship Duathlon and all though Spain - there was chaos.  You didn't think this story was going to be drama-free, did you?  So, it's the night before the biggest race of my life and I'm staying 20 minutes away from the start line....

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