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What Would We Do Without Dads?

Besides perhaps not being born in the first place, I think there's a lot we would do without the "help" of the dads in our life.  I happen to be blessed with the best dad in the entire world.  I know a lot of people throw that around, but I would challenge anyone to a...

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Ten Penny Ale Duathlon! Race Recap

The morning after the race, I was laying in bed awake at 4:15am.  I should have been exhausted, but I was exhilarated and I couldn't stop replaying the events of the race the day before, over and over in my head.  It's unlike any other post-race feeling I've had, in...

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The Countdown: Getting Ready To Say Adios!

I'm trying to restrain myself from singing "It's the final countdown da na na na..." but, let's face it, it is!  I've been in full-on final preparation mode and I think I may actually be ready to go when May 28th arrives.  I know I'm ready to race for freakin' Team...

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Race Crisis!

I just want to cry.  I've been under so much pressure leading up to this race, that this was bound to happen.  This is the post I never wanted to write.  I should be talking about the great experience I had at A Healthy U conference in NYC in this space today, but...

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What Is Really In A Protein Bar?

Well, I'm glad you asked.  I'm sure you'll find this shocking but I actually tend to scrutinize any label of anything I eat, especially if it claims to help me power through a workout, or recover like a boss.  I don't fall for a lot of hype and I know what works and...

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The Countdown: W(h)ine Week!

T-minus 3 weeks and counting, so it’s no surprise there was a lot of wine and whining this past week! Training for this race has put me on an emotional roller coaster, and this week had a lot of adult beverages in it, to ease the ride.  I know some people don’t drink...

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