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No Mother Is Perfect. No Sh*t.

When I was asked by Crystal Ponti to be a part of the No Mother Is Perfect blog tour - I was all over it.  As an athlete, I strive for perfection.  I dedicate hours of training, meal planning and race strategizing, in my pursuit.  When I found out I was pregnant (and...

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Ask Away Friday

It's Q&A time my friends!  I've done this once before, and today I'm happy to be answering questions from Christy at Uplifting Families.  Check out Christy's blog for the questions I asked her, and of course, follow anyone and everyone though this question game we...

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It's a very good question.  It's one I've been asked many times over, and have also asked myself.  Why all this training?  Is it worth it?  Am I being selfish?  Crazy?  A combination? As I contemplate my fitness situation, on the brink of Spain and the biggest (and...

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The Rundown: Brick Brick Week

No, I'm not developing a stutter.  I discovered what a brick/brick is in terms of training this week, and it was pretty cool.  Grueling, but cool.  For those of you who go about your life never even knowing what brick training is, you're not missing out on anything -...

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My Boston Marathon

It's April and people are talking about the Boston Marathon.  It shouldn't be a big deal, except it is of course, because of those two imbeciles who tried to make a point at our race last year.  Luckily, one of them is dead and hopefully the other will be soon.  In...

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Can’t We Just All Get Along?

Finally!  Spring has hit like a ton of bricks, although it snowed here last night, but whatever.  I'm going to just bask in the fact that I've been running and biking outside in nothing but shorts, sports bras and smiles.  It's funny that over the winter, you forget...

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The Rundown: Just the Facts

It's been one hell of a week!  Between upping my game on the training side and celebrating the boys' birthday with family and friends all weekend - I'm DONE!  Stick a fork in me. I'm taking the easy way out on this post today and giving you JUST THE FACTS because I...

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Make Mine A Double

I may as well be talking about drinking because when I think, five years after their birth, that I have twins! My next thought is that I need a drink. Shockingly enough, a lot of people say "Oh I want(ed) twins!" when I tell them I'm a twin mom.  My first thought is,...

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Find Your Inner Athlete

Many of you may not know this but, "Find Your Inner Athlete" is the motto of VITA - Train for Life.  When I first opened my personal training business, I wanted every single person who walked though my doors to start thinking of themselves as an athlete. I was shocked...

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