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You’re Going To Spain To Do What?

You know that polite look you get, with the little head nod, from someone you're talking to and you know they have no clue what you're talking about?  I've been getting that a lot lately.  Questions on what exactly I'm doing in Spain have run the gammet from "Are you...

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Raising Boys vs Girls: Guest Post

I don't have a mom anymore, but I am one.  I don't have a young daughter, but I was one.  I had no idea how much I would love my kids until I had them, and I had no clue how much more I would miss having a mom until I became one. A funny thing happens when you mom...

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The Rundown: Payoff Week

Despite waking up sick to my stomach on Wednesday morning and dropping my laptop on a bathroom floor,  this has been a great week.  I'm at the point where I'm starting to see some payoff in my training.  I also won a fabulous pair of Reebok ZQUICK sneaks from Jess at...

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Is It Work If You Don’t Get Paid?

I shrug off my blog writing when it comes up in conversation.  I use air quotes when I say I have to do "work" and I'm referring to something that needs to get done for a post.  I shy away from even telling people I have a blog because I see them desperately trying to...

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The Rundown: Snow? Whatever.

It's winter in the Northeast which means it's freakin' freezing and it snows pretty much every other day.  Last week we got a total of 15 inches or so, which is not conducive to running or biking.  It is however, an absolute blast to snowshoe in!   Pretty fancy...

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An Interview and Giveaway!

The question is: How do you work with your spouse? The answer is - I don't!  If I worked with my husband (which I basically do since we both work at home) but if I actually worked in his business with him, there would be a murder suicide.  I'm not sure who would...

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I Heart Headbands & Runnerbox

This can probably be considered my official "Valentine" post because I truly love my headbands.  What else could wrangle this mess of hair I have on my head in such a fit or fashionable way?  Nothing!  In fact when my hairdresser canceled on me last minute last week...

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