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It Takes A Village To Get Your Tonsils Out

Let's start with the village idiot, shall we?  She would be the one who gave me the wrong date for my son's surgery to remove his tonsils and adenoids.  No biggie.  It's just surgery and he only has a twin brother who needs to be cared for during that time and...

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Allie’s Abs

No children were hurt during the making of this video…although they easily could have been.  You see, dear readers and viewers, I have to trick my kids into giving me much needed alone time and, when making a video quiet time.  The weather helped me out yesterday - it...

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A Wedding Weekend

Oh where to begin?  It was such a fun and funny weekend that seemed more like a week.  As you may recall, the boys were ring bearers (although they actually "beared" nothing) in their first wedding and I was a nervous wreck. We live a short drive from the wedding...

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What Do You Think Will Happen?

…when these two animals are supposed to walk down an aisle in a wedding?   Dear Lord help me because I do not know! This Saturday….wait, wait, let me back up...thirty some odd years ago my cousin Brendan was born.  Too far?  Ok, so you may remember the groom as...

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Leg Blaster – Workout Video!

  Now we're going to start having some fun on this site!  My big races (half-marathon & Duathlon Nationals) are behind me so I'm free to focus on more fun posting workout videos!  Plus, I'm determined to make iMovie my bitch. This is a quick,...

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F*ck You Cancer, You Killed My Mother

Crass?  A bit.  Harsh?  Perhaps.  A good team name for a CycleFest to raise money for the LiveStrong program at my local YMCA?  Um, nope.  You see, that "C" in the YMCA stands for "Christian" and apparently, Christians believe that God frowns upon swearing...or...

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Run to Your MailBOX!

You're going to want to, at least once a month, when you see what I'm about to show you! Food is fuel.  We know that, right?  I realize there are some who "fuel" as though they are running an ultra marathon and and ultra marathon of reality TV, but I'm...

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Duathlon National Championship – Conquered!

I am a cyclist.  From here on out I'm done with the "I'm a runner on a bike" line.  How did I come to this revelation?  On my way to placing 6th in my age group and qualifying for the World Championship Duathlon in Spain! YES!  I did it.  But, like many things you...

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