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It’s Good To Have Goals

Last week I set three goals for my much trained for half-marathon.  Do you remember?  Certainly you do!  What? You mean you don't commit all of my goals to memory?  You have other "important" things to think about you say?  Ok well, here's a reminder: 1.  Finish...

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Motivational Monday – Guest Spot at MBBL!

I'm happy to announce that I'm guest blogging at Britton's My Big Beautiful Life for Motivational Monday! First of all, I ran my half-marathon this Saturday.  Some of you may know that I set some lofty goals!  Did I achieve them?  You'll have to wait.  I'm all about...

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Any Given Race Day

Most of you know I'm an NFL fan.  You wouldn't know it with my 1-4 fantasy team record but that's another post. My point is that there's a saying in football - "any given Sunday" - as in any team can win or lose when it's  game time.  You can have the best...

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VITA Does Vegas

I realize how that sounds but it is a post about Vegas so I'm gonna let it ride!  Oh I'm cracking myself up with this stuff.  I think I'm still drunk from the weekend...and I'm not just talking about alcohol.  I'm drunk on freedom from the word "mommy" and on sleeping...

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Ask Away Friday!

Go ahead, ask me anything!  Unfortunately, I'm only talking to Michelle from Dish of Daily Life.  She asked me to be her partner for this Friday's #AskAwayFriday link up and I jumped at the chance.  I believe the exact exchange was: Michelle:  Do you want to partner...

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My Fear? Flying!

I know it's completely irrational.  I've heard a million times that I'm safer in a plane then in my car.  I know all the statistics of air travel and even know a few pilots.  I'm still afraid.  That's why it's called an irrational fear.  When I sit on a plane and...

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Two Timing

I thought it would be a really good idea.  I got caught up in the moment and I was weak with excitement.  There was so much promise, so much hope...and then I started training for two huge events that are separated by two weeks!  What did you think I was talking...

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Living On the Edge

I want to make it abundantly clear that I do not suffer.  I'm a SAHM.  I have the part-est of part-time jobs that consists of teaching three, one-hour fitness classes per week at two different gyms.  I have my Aunt, who I adore more then anything, swoop in and watch...

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Catching Up to 2008

I'm really not one for trends.  I've never been called a "trendsetter" and I usually catch-on about a year after the craze has passed.  Not so with minimalist running shoes.  I knew about them around 2008, I just thought the whole idea was ridiculous and definitely...

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