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Two Timing

I thought it would be a really good idea.  I got caught up in the moment and I was weak with excitement.  There was so much promise, so much hope...and then I started training for two huge events that are separated by two weeks!  What did you think I was talking...

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Living On the Edge

I want to make it abundantly clear that I do not suffer.  I'm a SAHM.  I have the part-est of part-time jobs that consists of teaching three, one-hour fitness classes per week at two different gyms.  I have my Aunt, who I adore more then anything, swoop in and watch...

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Catching Up to 2008

I'm really not one for trends.  I've never been called a "trendsetter" and I usually catch-on about a year after the craze has passed.  Not so with minimalist running shoes.  I knew about them around 2008, I just thought the whole idea was ridiculous and definitely...

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Running with Gazelles

We have reached the finish line and I've WON!  I cannot believe I posted a blog everyday for seven straight days.  So it's not as epic as say completing and Ironman or throwing a Pinterest worthy party for 20 five year-olds but, in the blog-o-sphere, it's a pretty...

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What They Say About My Blog

Just when you're thinking it's Saturday and this Mini-Blog Challenge is over - I'm blogging again - BOOM!  The week in Joi's world doesn't end on Friday people.  She's a seven day a week kind of woman! Today's prompt?  How does your family react to you blog?  Oh my! ...

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The Group X List

It's almost over people.  It's day five of the Mini Blog Challenge and I refuse to "hit the wall!"  Must. Keep. Blogging.  Do they have energy chews for this? I won't keep you in suspense for today's topic.  Actually, you already know it if you read the title.  It's...

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10 Years Ago I Called Off My Wedding

Relax.  It's not as dramatic as it sounds.  Ok, well maybe it is but my command from Joi at Rx Fitness Lady today is Throwback Thursday - 10 Years Ago, therefore I'm telling you pretty much the biggest thing that happened to me 10 years ago because, let's face it, the...

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Random Acts of Funny – Toddler Style

I'm going strong on hump day!  This is three posts in three days for the rockin' blog party Joi is hosting at Rx Fitness Lady.  I know you people who don't blog think this shit is easy or dumb but, as I tell my husband when he wonders what the hell I'm doing all day:...

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Boob Job Anyone?

Day Two of the #MBC continues!  Today's post prompt?  Something controversial.  Ohhh Joi, I love when things get sticky!!  I had so many options here but I chose something I've been thinking about boobs. Ah the age old question of should you or should you...

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VITA-MERICAL or My Blog Commercial

I'm always up for a challenge!  When one of my most favorite bloggers Joi at RX Fitness Lady threw down the blogging gauntlet, I was more then willing to take it up...and then I realized I had to make a commercial.  Shit. So get your eyeballs ready because not only do...

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