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I’ll Be the Judge Of That!

I have a confession to make. I’m judgmental. Anyone who knows me well will not be shocked by this revelation. Before I had kids I was blissfully unaware of the frustrations and constant struggles of mommyhood. I was definitely one of those people who were shocked at...

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1. NEVER STARTING When is the perfect time to start? NOW! Go. Seriously, right now. Don’t even read the next four mistakes until you’ve at least walked to the mailbox and back. 2. INAPPROPRIATE GOAL SETTING Even if you’re a seasoned athlete (maybe especially if…) be...

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This is the phrase that was often uttered by Marisa during her training days with me. I would simply respond with, “No, this is what living feels like!” At which point she would usually just snarl at me but continue on with whatever torturous thing I had her doing for...

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The Trouble with Turning 38…

A few weeks ago, I turned 38. This should not be a significant birthday, but it is for me. I was running on the treadmill when it hit me – my mother was 38 when she was diagnosed with what turned out to be terminal ovarian cancer. Holy shit. I feel so young and so...

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