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The Rundown – My Life is A Fartlek

The Rundown – My Life is A Fartlek

  Before you think I've started picking up vocabulary from the boys, you should know that a fartlek run is one with without a plan. When you run a fartlek, you run how you feel with no regard to pace or distance. Fartleks, in my opinion, are messy. I like order...

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Road Tested Reviews – Aerial Yoga

  The only thing you really need to know about Aerial Yoga is how much fun it is! Channel your inner P!nk as you swing through the air, rise and fall with grace and flow on a sash that feels as if it was made for you. Ok, so it was more like "how did I get so...

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I Did It for the Insta! #JustRun

  Don't judge me. I'm judged harshly enough when I try to take some of the most ridiculous pictures for my Instagram feed, but I do it all for you! Ok, that's a lie. I do it for the likes and follows and 'badass' comments and to look back and see how truly...

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The Rundown – Race Week

  I feel funny having the theme of this post be "race week" since it was really just a 13.1 training run that happened to be during a half-marathon race. I was out there running my best for sure, but it certainly was not a goal race and I was not in PR shape for...

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The Rundown – Just Stop It

  You have heard the phase "Just Do It" ad nauseam but my phrase of the week was "Just Stop It." Every time I felt the smallest tinge of self pity? Just stop it. Whining about getting a mammogram? Just stop it. Upset because I'm not a teenaged Olympian? Just stop...

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Road Tested Reviews – Olympic Edition

  I absolutely love the Olympics! I don't discriminate between summer or winter, I love it all. I especially love the background stories in the Olympic coverage, the unexpected winners, unexpected live feeds and all the humor. When you combine so much lycra with...

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The Rundown – The Snow Must Go On!

  You guys are never going to believe this but we got more snow and more school cancellations and delays this week! At this point, the boys have not had a full week of school since before Christmas. But, the training show must go on as the snow rains down. Here's...

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Road Tested Reviews – Phone, Fuel and Fire!

I'm coming at you this week with some amazing new fuel, the perfect place to put your phone on a run (finally!) and lighting a fire under your ass with one of the most motivating women I have ever met. Spoiler: she was run over by a truck, spent five weeks in a coma,...

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