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The Rundown – My Mood is Like New England Weather

  We have a saying in the northeast, if you don't like the weather, wait a minute and it will change. The same has been true for my mood lately. One minute things seem hopeless and the next, I feel invincible. My motto has always been "this too shall pass"...

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The Rundown – Back to Work

  No, I didn’t get a real job but I’m back to work in triathlon training and I’ve taken a few additional freelance jobs as well. Someone has to work to pay for the gas in my cursed car. WEEK OF JANUARY 22, 2018 RUNNING I had a great week of running! It started...

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4 Training Tips for New (and old) Runners

Welcome to a new year and new name for your dose of monthly Wednesday wisdom on running -- Just Run! Clever, right? Since 2017 is already a blur I will remind you that myself and five or six of my most knowledgeable and experienced run blogger friends get together to...

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The Rundown – “Easy” Weeks Can Be So Hard

Technically I had a "rest" or "easy" week on my training schedule last week. Normally, I hate weeks like this because I either don't feel like I need the rest or, my body needs the rest but my mind doesn't agree. This past week was different and hard for more than...

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The Rundown – Abnormal

I want the new Apple Watch Series 3. I want the ability to wirelessly receive texts, emails and phone calls and to respond back. I want to listen to music from my watch with my wireless earbuds (when they work!) but I also need the ability to track my obsessive...

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Road Tested Reviews – No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

Welcome to another edition of Road Tested Reviews. This week I'm deviating from the script a bit to tell you about an adventure with my brand new vehicle and my psychotic dog. I will cover all the mistakes made, absurdities experienced and opportunities missed so you...

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The Rundown – The Other Side

It's fantastic to be on the other side of the holidays! Even though my kids were home for almost three weeks straight, my dog continues to cause ridiculous amounts of stress and a warm day is anything that is a positive number, I'm still grateful to be firmly in...

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The Rundown – It Was The Year Of…

December demands reflection. Before the calendar flips to another year, I want to take some time to reflect on 2017. It was a terrible racing year for me but it was a fantastic year of living! The year had no particular theme so I will recall the many themes of my...

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