Day Two of the #MBC continues!  Today’s post prompt?  Something controversial.  Ohhh Joi, I love when things get sticky!!  I had so many options here but I chose something I’ve been thinking about lately…my boobs.

Ah the age old question of should you or should you not get a boob job?  I never in 10 million years thought I would ever consider this.  I used to have big boobs in high school.  Really, I did.


How did I lose something THAT big?  What the hell?

Proof!  Exhibits A & B…although they look like Ds!  Come on?!                                           Circa 1993 – I was 17.

Somewhere along the way, they just disappeared.  Mostly from exercising so damn much – after all, boobs are just fat, and then of course I got pregnant with twins.  I remember having to double up on sports bras and after a run I would literally sink into the couch and hug my boobs and cry from the pain!  It was awful!

After the boys, I breastfed for exactly 3 weeks.  I was either feeding a baby or pumping and the whole thing was a total nightmare so I gave it up toot sweet!  And the boobs faded away again.

I never really gave it a lot of thought.  I’ve know people that have had boob jobs and I always thought it was so vain.  I never understood why someone would go though all of that just to have bigger boobs.  Then, I started to talking to some friends and was clued in as to exactly why someone would endure all that.  Apparently, some of my friends (after being blessed multiple times with kids) have boobs that resemble Cambodian tribes women…or tube socks.  Some of them have told me they have aeriolas the size of dinner plates.  Now that’s a visual.  Suddenly, it all made sense to me.  Luckily, my boobs were somehow spared these evils but, they are ridiculously small.

There is some major padding in that top!

There is some major padding in that top!

On a recent trip to Hershey Park, I noticed a woman in the pool who had an amazing body…and three kids!  She was wearing a bikini and she filled it out perfectly.  The hubs obviously noticed her too because he said “I think they’re fake” and made the universal sign for boobs…like I thought he was talking about her Trina Turk sandals!  Obviously I then had to reassess her entire body because her boobs certainly did not look fake…they looked…perfect!  Wait a minute!!!  They don’t jiggle!  They’re perky (I mentioned the three kids right?) and they are in direct proportion to her fabulous body.  Holy shit, she had fake boobs!…and I wanted some.

Does it really?

Does it really?

I am now seriously considering doing this.  Of course the hubs is more then willing to spend the money and will probably hire a full time nanny to take care of the kids if need be after the surgery.  But then…so many questions!  Will I be embarrassed that I’m doing this?  Will it interfere with my running?but think of all the new workout tops and sports bras!!  Is it really worth the surgery and recovery time?  And what do they even use now to make them bigger?  Do I want foreign objects in my body?  Um, probably not.  And, lastly, what will other people think?  That’s the sum of it.  It really comes down to – do I really want to do this and do I give a shit about what other people think?

I posed this question to a girlfriend of mine in a text.  Her response?  “You work your ass off to be in great shape.  Go get yourself a nice pair of tits!!”

Did I mention how much I love this girl?


Tell me dear readers…what do you think?