When I planned my first overseas trip in 2014, to the World Championship Duathlon in Spain, there was no question that my then five year-old twins would be traveling to Europe with me. When I would tell people they were joining us on our adventure it was mostly met with negativity and questions of “what will they do?” and “why bother? They won’t remember it.” I heard the same comments this past spring, as I planned our trip to Italy.


Of course there are limitations to what they will remember or understand but, in the moment there is fascination and then a lifetime of influence, even if they have no understanding or remembrance of where that cultural impact came from.

I’m writing my response to the question “Should You Bring Your Kids to Europe?” on the KUHL blog site today and I hope you will read the rest there.

The article discuses their experiences, adventures in food, the downsides for the adults and, the following excerpt is about something totally unexpected on my part – learing tolerance:

Right now, the boys have less than zero judgement about wealth, status, race, or sex. It’s a beautiful thing that was only encouraged and enhanced during our european trips. Not only did these vacations offer them the opportunity to meet people from all over the world but, to play with them, to learn their language and to find immediate common ground discussing Minecraft and Kung Fu Panda the way only seven year old boys can magically do. And, when they asked to have a “play date” with the kids from Wales, we Googled a map to show them the improbability of their request. Of course they then immediately responded with “we can do Facetime instead!”

Read the rest HERE and let me know what you think. Do you travel with your kids? Did your parents travel with you? I want to know all the details.

I will be taking another vacation, albeit just from the blog, until Wednesday, July 6! If you celebrate the Fourth of July enjoy it, otherwise, have a great week!