Finally!  Spring has hit like a ton of bricks, although it snowed here last night, but whatever.  I’m going to just bask in the fact that I’ve been running and biking outside in nothing but shorts, sports bras and smiles.  It’s funny that over the winter, you forget about a lot of the frustrating things that come with warm weather running.  Dogs.  Car divers/motorcyclists and other runners/cyclists.  I figure I can air my grievances about all of them here, right?



I know two things about dogs: They love to run and they hate runners.  Ok, well, they hate runners that aren’t their owners.  I’m a runner and I’ve had dogs, so I know this.  I’ve also been attacked, had a good friend bitten while she ran right next to me, and have had a ton of near misses with “man’s best friend,” the last two of which were between Saturday and Monday of this week!

I know it’s super important for your precious FeeFee to run free and, hey, if you live near a trail that is frequented by runners and cyclists, it’s really our responsibility to not get attacked by your dog. I mean, really.  Who can blame the poor dog for wanting to bite our legs off?  I, for one, look very intimidating with my towering 5 foot frame and menacing grin.  I’m almost begging to be attacked by daring to run by your house.


Plus, the way my heart rate sky rockets when I see the teeth of your pet, and perhaps a little bit of pee sneaks out when it darts after me, I should actually thank you for contributing to my training.  A jump from 90bpm to 185bpm in 2 seconds should absolutely be considered classic interval training and could be partially responsible for that recent PR I just got.

I’ll send your thank you card in the mail with biscuits for Fydo.


A lot of drivers hate runners.  I get it.  You have to slow down for like seven seconds so that you don’t kill another human being who is out getting some fresh air.  It’s so annoying isn’t it?  I really wish lived on a planet with a bizillion miles of paved paths so runners didn’t have to make you drivers pay so much damn attention when you’re behind the wheel!  Trust me, I know how important that text message is and hey, when you need to check Facebook while you’re driving, I’m sure it’s because you’re missing a very important post about how much someone loves their husband/wife/child/dog to the moon and back.  Don’t let something as trivial as my life stop you from liking that post!


And motorcyclists – it’s so great to have you back!  When I’m out cycling and you rev your engine behind me or, better yet, get as close as you possibly can to my bike without actually having me get on the back of yours, is so necessary seeing as there’s almost no room for a motorcycle and my huge bike on the road.  I get it, I do.  I also hope you continue to saw off your exhaust pipe so I can hear you coming from 16 miles away.  It’s very helpful.  And, thank goodness there’s no helmet laws in CT.  Well, let me clarify, there aren’t any for motorcyclists who can go 100 miles and hour. I’m bound by law to wear one on my bike though.  I mean, I can sometimes get up to 40mph on that baby.  Look out!

And finally…


If I wave to you, are you going to absolutely just die if you acknowledge me in any way whatsoever?  I’m not looking for a cheering section or even a full wave.  How about just a smile?  Maybe a little nod of “Hey we’re out here doing the same thing and having a great time” sorta thing.  No?  Ok.  I can see how it could be too overwhelming.  Please don’t over-exert yourself on my account.



To everyone out there with an amazing dog (on a leash), who doesn’t try to kill my hearing or my person on a motorcycle, and all the awesome runners and cyclists who do wave or smile – I love you all and it’s great seeing you out there again!

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What do you love most about the warmer weather?

Ever had a near miss with a dog?  Are their helmet laws in your state?

If you run or bike, are you a “waver” or an “ignorer?”