Hello, my name is Allie and it had been five days since I last sweat.  I was going through serious withdrawals.  As you know, the dreaded stomach bug ravaged my household and halted any and all plans for my family for about a week.  The week before Christmas.  Luckily I’m so type A that most of my list had been crossed off, however, my fitness routine was wiped cleaner then my colon and I was not happy about it.

I knew I was starting to feel better when I even thought about putting my sneakers on.  They were calling to me from their lonely spot by the back door, “Hey, what the hell?  Are you dead in there?”  My shoes have an attitude, are you surprised?  I was willing my stomach to cooperate with the rest of my body so I could lace up and get out the door but alas, the nausea went on and on…until Saturday morning.

We're waiting!

We’re waiting!

Like a lot of you with your workout routine, it becomes just that – a routine.  As much as I love to run, I don’t give it much thought most days other then a training focus for whatever race is next.  What’s that saying?  Absence makes the heart grow fonder?  This also applies to sweating for me.  By day five I needed to get my sweat on, badly.  For me, working up those endorphins is just as important as training those fast twitch muscles.  I needed a mental release after all I had been though and my mind needed it’s meditation.

And on the fifth day – I went for a run.


The road to recovery...

The road to recovery…

I was giddy picking out my running gear like I was opening a gift.  The weather Gods smiled upon me with a balmy 50 degree day!  Although, as I commented on Facebook, I would have run in a hurricane. Luckily, all I needed were capris, a long sleeve and a hat and I was off!  Another beautiful thing about running is that you need so very little.  I left the watch at home but strapped on my iPod and basked in the tunes I felt like I was hearing for the first time, even though my “LongRunIII” playlist has been tapped no less then 156 times.

It’s moments like this, on that day after days of sickness, when I’m most thankful for my health.  I say it often and think about it more but I’m truly thankful everyday I can lace up and run out my door.  I spent my teenage years watching my mother literally die of cancer and I know, firsthand, how sickness can effect your entire life.

No matter how hard a run may feel, I’m happy to feel it.  No matter how far I need to go, I’m happy for the journey.  No matter how many hills I power up, I’m grateful for the climb.  And no matter how many miles I run, I’m always glad to be home.

How can you see this from your bedroom?

How can you see this from your bedroom?

As the Christmas week whips into a full frenzy, my wish for you is to enjoy your health as if it were an Xbox One or a trip to Hawaii.  It’s so much more important or valuable then any tangible gift, and if you want to really  get into the holiday spirit – get out there and give it a good sweat!

Merry Fitness.

What have you done for exercise lately?  Is wrapping presents considered a workout?