Is it just me or do you want to shout advice and form corrections to runners on the road as you drive by?


After being married to a runner for 10 years now, my husband will stop me before I start to say something like “You’re on the wrong side of the road!” to a runner who is clearly cheating death by running with traffic. I never actually yell at them, I basically just yell it at my husband, which he enjoys immensely.

Since I would actually never call out to a runner from my car, mostly because they wouldn’t be able to understand me, I’m going to collectively “yell” my advice here, at all of you. Get your ears ready…



I seriously have no clue how some people still do not know which side to run or cycle on. I have actually never seen a cyclist get it wrong so, let’s just stick with runners. You need to run AGAINST traffic. Now, I’ve heard there may be different laws in different states (like Arizona where they don’t like to comply with things like daylight savings or MLK) and, I have no clue about running in other countries however, I do know that if you want to return from a run to your home and not a hospital, you should run so you can see the cars coming at you!

Also, just so you know, you cycle WITH traffic…and it can be terrifying.


Your legs will follow your arm swing. Please remember this the next time you find yourself swinging them in front of your body. Do you want to trip? Waste energy? I didn’t think so. Forward and back people, forward and back.

Other common form issues include hunching over or staring down at your feet, having your shoulders in your ears and over striding.


I often feel bad for what is obviously a newbie runner who is out there with two shirts and/or sweatshirts tired around their waist because they misjudged the weather. In these cases I want to drive up beside them an offer to lighten their load. Of course I would probably get pepper-sprayed so I just keep driving.


Anyway, a good rule of thumb is to dress as if it’s 10 degrees warmer outside. Your body temperature heats up quickly, after a mile or two, so if you feel cold at the start of a run you know you’re dressed correctly and will be more comfortable for the duration. If you’re only going out for a mile, don’t worry about it and just run!

A great tool can be found at Runner’s World where, by entering the temp, wind, and type of run (long, easy, race, etc.) it will recommend an entire outfit and it’s usually right on: WHAT TO WEAR


Not everyone employs my discretion when it comes to yelling at runners. In the 15 years I’ve been pounding the pavement this is some of what I’ve heard:

It’s way to hot for you to be out here! – Older woman who actually caught me at a stop sign and was genuinely concerned. She was right.

Do you know where I can buy some tampons? – a group of drunk assholes I encountered around 6am on the Vegas strip. I was too afraid to respond with some choice words because they were holding beer cans. #Sadbuttrue

I wish I was you – a mom pushing her babies in a stroller on a bike path. This was before I had kids so I responded with “I wish I was YOU!”

Great day for a run! – a passing runner on a trail in the pouring, driving, rain. Needless to say, we were the only two fools out there.

Wow that looks so easy! – no one ever

It's best to run inside when in Las Vegas.

It’s best to run inside when in Las Vegas.


Mostly I want to yell encouraging words like “you can do it!” or “nice pace!” and I usually always wish I was out there too. Obviously none of the above really matters, what matters most is you’re out there doing it so keep on running and the rest will come.

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What do you want to yell to runners? Keep it clean…

What side of the road do you run on?