And the award goes to…well, ME by another amazing twin mom and official mom of Mom on the Run x2!  Julia has honored me with this award and I will be eternally grateful!  As she knows, all twin moms deserve some sort of award so why not this?  And, one of my award nominees, Rebecca of A Beautiful Ruckus (link below) has quads!!!  She deserves at least four awards.  But I digress…

And now a word from legal…here are the rules:


1. Display award logo (below)
2. Link back to the person who nominated you.
3. Share 10 things about yourself
4. Nominate 10 other bloggers


Drum roll please…10 THINGS ABOUT ME

1.  I’m a huge Green Bay Packer fan!  Go Pack Go!

2.  My husband and I were married on a beach in Key West

3.  I graduated from Boston University

4.  I lived in LA for three years (and loved every minute!)

5.  I have a fear of swimming in open water but I do a TRI every year just to test my fear.

6.  I just got my first MAC and I LOVE it…but there’s also a learning curve

7.  I love to read.  I’m reading And the Mountains Echoed right now.

8.  I will do almost anything to get my boys to go to sleep at night!

9.  I feel about cooking the way most people feel about running.

10.  My real name is Alexandrea from my dad Alex and mom Andrea


Ok, enough about me…on to My Nominations:

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