Once a week I usually have a workout that almost kills me. I see it in my Training Peaks log and think, this time my coach has certainly lost her mind.  Over the next few days, I think about how the hell I will finish it, until the day arrives when I actually have to get it done.

Well, I’m still alive and those “I may die” training sessions have done nothing but boost my confidence and made me stronger, faster and more mentally prepared for race day. They are still so hard when I’m actually doing them, and I have to constantly talk myself into moving forward and pushing harder but, when they’re done (and I take a selfie to post to Instagram) I feel so accomplished and, that my coach is the wisest human on the planet. I mean, she is a rocket scientist…

After my 3,000 yard swim and 10 mile run. I was so happy I made it!

After my 3,000 yard swim and 10 mile run. I was so happy I made it!

Today I want to share with you one of those big scary workouts so you too can fear it, then conquer it. Plus, recovery food and/or celebratory drinks are usually called for.

Speed On and Off

This workout can be done anywhere but is easiest on a treadmill or track. You can either do the intervals as “off” and walk or stop completely (jumping off to the sides of the treadmill) or choose to do a recovery speed in between.


I’ve done this workout twice now, usually after a ride of 45 minutes or more and, it has yet to get easier. Just to give you an idea of pacing, this is how I did it:

Warm-up: 10 minutes increasing to 7:00 min/mile by minute 7, hold for 2 minutes then, 7:20 for final minute.

30 seconds on the treadmill at 6:45 min/mile, increasing speed by 5 sec/mile with each set. I jump off the treadmill for the 30 seconds in between since, by the time it goes down in speed I have about 20 seconds before I have to push it up again.

10 reps of 1 min at 6:11 min/mile pace, 1 min recovery at 8:00 min/mile pace

10 minutes working down in speed

Butt kicked and ready for recovery!

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Do the workout and report back on Monday.

Have a great weekend!

What is the last workout you did that almost killed you?

What kind of training scares you most – endurance, speed, strength, etc.?